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Letting DS have independence at 9

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mumof2monsters Thu 16-Jun-11 10:30:21

Not sure where to put this thread actually as not sure it is here but hey ho.
My DS is 10 in August but he is the youngest in his year and his best friend is nearly a year older.
Anyway should I now let him go off to the village on his own or to visit friends or go to the park?

I am not an anxious parent but have to admit that I do worry about him as altho he is sensible it is some of his friends that are not.
I now let him go swimming on weds evenings but as it is a bit far from our house I drive him there and pick him up later. One of his friends walks or cycles there but lives a bit closer.

He came out of school the other day to ask if he could walk to mcdonalds with his friends. To get to Mcdonalds he does have to cross 2 busy roads and I said no. His reaction was that I never let him do anything!

As it turns out he told me that the friends that did walk there were throwing their drinks in the road and got told off by a driver. I said to him that they were not being sensible then and I had just cause to be wary about letting him go.

WE have just stayed at my brother-in-laws and his wife lets their kids who are similar ages wonder around the village and go to the park etc. I just worry about my DS getting hurt or some weirdo approaching him.

I remember when I was his age I walked home from school on my own, was out til late etc. I know I have to let go but I want to find some happy medium. Please anyone I would appreciate your advice.

peacemoon Thu 16-Jun-11 10:43:24

Hi,I personally think too many parents are over protective but then they probably think I am a lax parent! My 10yo does his own thing and was doing it younger with his older brother (now 13) I have always tried to give them the freedom I had and will do it with my two younger ones when the time comes.He knows how to get on a bus or train to take him to the next town and how to buy things from shops etc.Too many kids don't even know how to do that.

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