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Toddler DS biting

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BoosMaw Wed 15-Jun-11 23:13:02

Today my 16 month old DS bit my 5yo DD, leaving a bruise and teeth marks. It's the second time he's done it. He's also bitten me in the past, but not as hard. I responded with a stern 'NO!" which stopped him in his tracks, but I'm not sure how I should handle this if it happens again. He does understand some things I say to him (e.g. if I say 'naughty' in a stern voice I'm sure he understands, he doesn't like it at all). Also can you think of guidance I should give my DD on what to do with him if she gets bitten again - this time I didn't immediately notice him do it, she was just quietly squirming in pain, with his teeth clamped to her leg! On the whole she's very tolerant of him, but she shouldn't have to tolerate this!

monkoray Thu 16-Jun-11 13:15:04

Hi, there was a really similar post a couple of days ago on this with a 15 month old. My DS bit at that age (he still does on rare occasions - now 20 months). I found that consistently saying "no that hurts" and moving him away from me worked. That is also something your DD can do. Show her how to say firmly but without shouting, "no that hurts me" and she can take his shoulders and gently move him away from her. It will probably be more effective coming from her than you intervening.
An alternative wording could be "no biting, biting hurts" which will help your DS make the connection between the action of biting and the result - i get moved away and talked at sternly - even if he doesn't understand the 'that hurts' bit yet, its useful to have an explanation that your DD can use so its less of a telling my brother off and more of a teaching my brother.
hope it helps, toddler bites are surprisingly painful.

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