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Tell me about your closed fontanelle headed babies?

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Pussinflatboots Wed 15-Jun-11 21:56:44

DD 17 weeks has a fully closed fontanelle. Her head is growing at the correct rate, and is in proportion to her body (91st centile). Her development is <preens> 'above average' in terms of skills. BUT, HV has referred her to paed. just to be on the safe side/get her in the system. She keeps saying there's nothing to worry about, and that in her experience all is well, but is better to be safe, esp as DD has a bit of a flat head too!! But being a first-timer, am terrified. Please tell me your stories to reassure/prepare me.

DeWe Thu 16-Jun-11 11:49:10

I knew a child who had this about 10 years ago, so the info might be out of date.
He was operated on at about 9 months (I think), was in hospital overnight, but no longer, and had no further problems. Very bright little boy very clearly had no development problems. I think his development slowed a bit just before he had the operation, but afterwards he caught up very quickly.

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