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Any ideas on what to do with a 14 month old to entetain him while nearly 8 mth preg!

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VeronaH Wed 15-Jun-11 20:11:50

just looking for some suggestions really on what others do to entertain there toddlers. i go to park everyday for walk and we play with toys on floor at home and he seems happy toddling about opening cupboards etc but sometimes i feel i should eb doing more, any ideas really welcome. thanks

BiggestPiggyOnTheFarm Wed 15-Jun-11 21:01:06

I have 15 months between mine and was quite sick towards the end of my 2nd pg, we relied on cbeebies, playdoh, sticker books and the park. TBH I couldn't really do much more.

We have a large open park nearby and I used to take a sun tent, set up with toys, picnic and books and we'd stay most of the morning and have lunch there, then home for nap time (both of us!). That worked quite well, weather permitting.

Can you arrange playdates with friends at soft play centres? That was good too, the other mum did most of the running around after the two little ones and I had a cuppa. Toddler groups were good too in a similar way.

I bought those magic painting books where they just use water and the colours appear IYKWIM, they were good for quick mess free fun.

I put a shower curtain (idea from MN actually) on the kitchen floor and we'd sit and 'cook' making pizzas an things. It was an activity to keep DS busy and lunch was being made too, a win win situation!

mathanxiety Wed 15-Jun-11 21:17:58

If he seems happy, don't worry.

They like sand and water play at this age but tend to be very messy so the shower curtain is a good idea if you do this indoors. Pouring water or dry sand from one container into another, can entertain for a good while. Digging and using little toy vehicles in sand can also provide nice quiet fun.

A paintbrush and basin of water outside on a patch of concrete can provide fun 'painting', and chalk is also nice for making marks outdoors. If you can get someone to paint a section of interior wall with blackboard paint, maybe he could use chalk indoors too? Writing on a vertical surface is good for developing pre-writing skills, which is a bonus.

The DCs all liked to use my salad spinner with wooden blocks in it but maybe they were bit older than your DS when they could spin it. They loved emptying my pot and pan cupboard and pretending to cook with my wooden spoons, under the kitchen table, using the wooden blocks for ingredients.

We did a good deal of reading together too, nice if you're not up to chasing someone in the park or if the weather is a bit inclement. And where would I have been without the TV?

Playing 'with' other children doesn't happen until much later. They like to play alongside others but conflicts can arise over toys so supervision is needed, which can be a pita.

BiggestPiggyOnTheFarm Wed 15-Jun-11 21:54:12

Just remembered we also had a few books on CD, we sat on the sofa and read the book (looked at pics) and turned the page when the CD tells you to. DS's favourite bit was waiting for the page turn noise!

baskingseals Wed 15-Jun-11 21:58:21

blowing bubbles - you sit and blow, they run around and pop them

mathanxiety Wed 15-Jun-11 23:11:20

If you can bear it, and if they are interested, I spent many an afternoon immobilised on the couch while the DCs did my hair for me, with hairpins, bows, clips -- they would brush it (oucchhh) and wind it around rollers, tie it up with scrunchies, etc... Only good if you can spend some time restoring it to its normal state afterwards and if you won't have to jump up and get the door during the process.

VeronaH Wed 15-Jun-11 23:15:16

thanks ladies, some great suggestions there.

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