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should centiles be in proportion for 5 months old baby?

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Caterina Tue 07-Oct-03 12:41:55

my friend's baby is lovely, very tall and lively, however she was commenting the other day that he's 98th centile for height, but only 50th centile for head circumference.
Her son looks fine, quite in proportion, but I have heard that babies normally have big head.

She wasn't worried about it, or if she was she did not say it, but it made me think: is this normal or do babies need to be in proportion with height/weight and head circumference?

CountessDracula Tue 07-Oct-03 12:42:50

This is fine. It will all adjust in time (or so my hv told me!)

LIZS Tue 07-Oct-03 12:47:45

I think in the ideal world of a hv they are all supposed to be in line. However we all know babies don't grow like that ! The margin for error is quite large as babies don't sit still, the HV might measure in a slightly different place/way each time etc. If she's not worried I don't think you need be.

SueW Tue 07-Oct-03 12:53:32

Those are only averages and people are all different. Some are tall and skinny with big heads, some are short and rounder with little heads, etc.

My daughter was between 50-75 for weight, 98-99.6 for height and 75 for head circ for the first year or so of her life (well up to 8mo check anyway).

Now she's almost 7yo and about 75 for height and 25-50 for weight. And head circ - no idea!!!

morocco Tue 07-Oct-03 13:09:17

at a year my ds is 25 for head, 50 for weight and 75 for height but he was always like that and my family are indeed tall, skinny pinheads so I guess it's just genetics.
no need to worry

bobthebaby Tue 07-Oct-03 20:18:58

Apart from a smaller choice of hats, there is not a problem.
Not all the bits grow at the same speed. I was told my ds couldn't possibly be as old as I said at my scan because his head was too small. At birth it was indeed tiny, at 7 months its the size of your average one year old. He has a great career as a newsreader ahead of him. Apparently they need really big heads.
Seriously I think your friend's baby's head will catch up when the body has got to the right height IYSWIM.

Caterina Tue 07-Oct-03 23:20:07

thank you for the replies, this is reassuring.
Lizs, I am not worried, just curious.

I know my friend very well and know that if she mentioned that to me she wanted me to say that it was OK, so I decided to ask the question to you mumsnetters, and wasn't I right?
so thank you again...

polly28 Tue 07-Oct-03 23:26:00

My ds 13months has just jumped from the 75th percentile to the 98th for his height,don't know about weight,head is still on 50th,is a jump to a different line ok?

SoupDragon Wed 08-Oct-03 07:37:52

Sounds fine to me, Polly,. My DSs seemed to be the opposite to yours - they used to put on the weight first and then put on some more height to balance it out

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