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Everyones time out methods

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mummy2aisha Tue 14-Jun-11 12:55:04

I liked to hear what other people methods of time out are as I need some ideas my 21 month is just hitting terrible two and doesnt listen to to anything and Im going to go grey in a min thanks.

gymbabe Tue 14-Jun-11 13:47:02

We've found a really effective way with my DS (23mths) is to give him a warning and tell him what will happen if he does it again. If he persisits in his behaviour we put him outside the sitting room door and shut it for a minute. I thought it wouldn't work at all but it works a treat. After a minute (or when he calms down somewhat - i find a minute quite long and time doesn't mean a huge amount to them at this stage) I bring him back in tell him why he got put outside and then give him a hug. I try not to comfort him too much though, i just prefare to distract him with toys as i don't want to cuddle to outweigh the reason he was punished in the first place. If that makes sense!

mummy2aisha Tue 14-Jun-11 15:42:46

Thank you gymbabe Ill give that a go I dont want her to get away with ingoring me as it will only get worse as she gets older she walks around do one thing after anthor I know its attention seeking but I need to cook clean etc I try the naughty chair next time.

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