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Language Disorder

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dandycat Fri 18-Nov-05 09:53:46

My ds who is 3 next week has possibly got some kind of language disorder. This seems to be the sum amount of diagnosis I can get at the moment. He has started to attend a specialist school (which we fund ourselves - very expensive) and we are now considering starting on the SEN route to get funding. He has just started following simple instructions and has a large single word volcabulary but has only just started with simple sentences. He is not (apparently) on the autistic spectrum as his behaviour is pretty much normal and he reached all the correct physical milestones. He had hearing loss as a result of glue ear between approx 7/8months and 18months when we finally got grommets inserted. We have been hoping ever since that it was simply the loss of hearing and that he would 'catch up' but are now told that it may be more fundemental and a 'language disorder'. He babbles alot now interspersed with words and is obviously very very keen to talk. He pratices for ages at night but often seems to say things that just pop into his head (so now I am worrying about that disorder where they cant help saying everything that occurs to them). His dictation when he says a word is very clear but he does seem to struggle with concepts such as 'his name' and 'colours' although he now seems to get 'big' and 'little'. Does this sound at all similar to anyone??????

Prettyfull Fri 18-Nov-05 10:36:14

Hi, im sorry im not sure but im kinda worrid myself. I know they say that children develop at different stages and they'l all catch up. I am worrid about my DD, shes 15 months and only says mama, dada, nan and woof woof!!!! Is this normal for a 15 month as i read by 17-18 months they should be able to say 20-30 words!!!!! Sorry i couldnt help but kinda in the same boat!!

dandycat Fri 18-Nov-05 11:00:32

Hi Prettyfull,

Does she seem to understand simple things you say? From what I can gather a simple lack of words is quite normal - a great many children dont speak very much and will catch up in their own time. If its any help my ds could say anything at 15months so doesnt sound as though you are in the same boat. Try to concentrate on her understanding rather than getting her to say anything.

Prettyfull Fri 18-Nov-05 11:22:22

Thanks Dandycat...

When i think of it like that i feel better lol,...yeah she does seem to understand what im saying a lot of the time which is good. How old is your lo now?

Also, I heard about flash cards, would anyone know where i could get these from??

Bumblelion Fri 18-Nov-05 11:24:45

You can buy flash cards in ELC.

dandycat Fri 18-Nov-05 11:25:15

My ds is 3yrs old next week. With regards to flash cards I think elc do some and even tescos at one time had a book of 'first words' which came with a pack of flash cards.

berrymummy Tue 27-Sep-11 18:43:11

Hi dandycat
I know your post is from 6 years ago but it sounds a lot like my son and i stumbled upon it through google. Wanted to ask if by any chance youre stilll on here and active if your son is talking properly now and how things turned out as seems mine is the same and no one can saying anything apart from language disorder... please help and give me some insight as am pretty scared at the moment

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