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Sleep problems re-visited

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Leavingonajetplan Mon 13-Jun-11 16:41:16

Last time I posted on here was several months ago when I decided to use CC to get 2YODD to sleep at night. It worked after a few weeks! Well now she's in a bed and this time CC is not working (she's now 2 and a half) I took advice from HV and did the confident thing, give her a cuddle say night night and go downstairs. Well she's been crying herself to sleep for weeks and it feels so cruel, but if we cuddle her to sleep she wakes up several times a night. When we do CC she sleeps thru from 8 till 6am. There's been some upheaval with my job (probation extended) and OH started a full time job in an office. I'm wondering if we've handled all this badly and made her sleep pattern worse.

shell40 Mon 13-Jun-11 22:49:37

now that she is 2 and a half she will understand the rules and benefits of a sticker chart-why not try this but use it at bed time in a book that can be stored under her bed so that she can see how well she has been doing.....start by establishing good routine,ie bath,biscuit and juice/milk,bedtime story(one only!) then night night cuddle with softly spoken request that she now go to sleep without crying-'mummy loves you and I am just downstairs-i am not going anywhere but you need to sleep now and I will check on you later,if you sleep well you will get the special sticker in the morning when I see you!' something along those lines and remember big cuddle and praise in morning if it goes well-the chart should be simple with clear outcome ie 5 stickers=the special treat....good luck! hope this helps,it worked for me-reassurance in a time of change that she feels too can make all the difference

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