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Bad day .. help

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ChattyChick121x Sun 12-Jun-11 18:08:22

Having such a bad day my 22 month is driving me mad he keeps biting his brother, touching everything in sight... keep telling him NO but does it again and again. His brother is 8 months so we have are work cut out just dont know why my older son is being so naughty.. gets me in tears somtimes pulling washing off the airers as i speak and all he can do is laugh sad

catonlap Sun 12-Jun-11 18:17:04

Do you have any help about? Grandparent/dad? Maybe if someone has baby for a while and you take 22 month old out for bit of a change of scenery and some individual attention just to give a bit of a break.

skybluepearl Sun 12-Jun-11 19:21:42

can you use time out straight away for hitting? stay calm and fair

Brooklyngirl Sun 12-Jun-11 20:06:06

toddlers just like testing boundaries-try distraction instead of no and leave jobs until evening when kids asleep. go to playgroups to help child socialise with others and do the time by self with older one if can, but most of all, keep your chin up! They know how to press the right buttons!

trixie123 Sun 12-Jun-11 21:07:47

DS is 22 months also. He is really starting to explore his own autonomy I think - its like he has realised he is an independent person and has likes / preferences etc. Agree that distraction works well - he seems to me to be too young to understand time out etc, though ignoring him when he is screaming, throwing his toys around helps a bit. We have also just today realised that when he asks for the DVD on that he loves and we don't want him to watch it 24/7 instead of saying no (which kicks off a meltdown) we just don't say anything and / or change the subject. we are trying not to stress out if his tantrum coincides with meal time and he doesn;t eat. He is sturdy and healthy and if he misses the occasional meal then never mind. We are trying to give him lots of physical activity and also very consciously trying to give each other breaks (we have a newborn so we "swap" every few hours or when one person is reaching the end of their patience). If at all possible, build in some break time for yourself by roping in grandparents etc. As others said, this does just seem like a tough "stint" - I believe the Mumsnet mantra is "this too shall pass", possibly with the help of wine wine wine

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