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How do I make my 3 month old take more milk at the feed?

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Viky78 Fri 10-Jun-11 15:52:41

Hi my 3 month old boy eats every 2 hours and wont take more than 100/120 ml of milk.I tried to strech the time a little bit that he gets more hungry but he still wont take more.How do I make him take more?Ive had enough feeding him so often because than the night is very similar.

TheSugarPlumFairy Fri 10-Jun-11 16:01:26

120ml is a good feed for a 3 month old. if that is all his tummy will hold i am afraid you are going to have to accept that. You could try switching to a hungry baby formula and see if he is more satisfied and last longer between feeds.

As he gets a bit older his body will learn to switch off his digestion at night and he will start sleeping through but realistically there is nothing you can do to speed that process up.

Are you sure he is waking at night with hunger?

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