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Need help getting my baby from Breast to bottle

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Mummy2HenryandGeorge Fri 10-Jun-11 15:00:06

I'm trying to get my baby from the breast to the bottle and not having much success, he's just not interested in the bottle at all. He had a bottle a day for a couple of weeks the became ill and refused it. Anybody got any tips to get him to have it!?

Hunterswish Fri 10-Jun-11 16:35:56

Hi smile

How old is DS? Was wondering if you could offer a cup at all? Water to start.
If he is past 12 months it is not so urgent he has that regular milk feed. So it all depends on his age really. smile
Whats in the bottle? Cows milk or Formula?
Failing that have you asked you HV for advice?
My DS was 1yr when he came off the breast. I tried every formula on the market and he liked none of them, asked HV who said as he was over 12 months he could go on to cows milk smile
Tried various teats and finally found a bottle he liked, started off with warm cow's milk and now he drinks it straight from the fridge although as he is 18 months he is not really interested in milk at all.... Anyway the breast he came off himself and all my others took about 2 weeks as I found it much harder to get them to take the bottle when they could still smell the milk on me sad
Good luck
Hope all goes well smile

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