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6yr old dd's anyone else..

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greedygoose Fri 10-Jun-11 14:59:25

She is hard work at the moment! I love her to bits but struggling with temper tantrums and she has suddenly become very tricky at bedtime because of watching 'The Witches'. Last night she had a total melt-down as did I eventually and realise I dealt with it all wrong. I need some inspiration about how to remain calm and not enter into her battles. She has started being horrible to her younger sister and brother and the way she speaks to me is not great either. I am worried she is not happy at school, I know she is demanding more attention from me but even when I give it to her she is not happy.

Bedtimes are getting later and later with her wailing 'I don't know how to go to sleep'. She is in bed at 7.30 and has a story cd until 7.45 then lights out. She can read well herself and is a bright button.

Any ideas gratefully received, or if you are in a similar position join me!

Mands0603 Fri 10-Jun-11 15:19:31

This sounded just like my daughter a while ago - the temper tantrums could last hours and her attitude was so bad i kept having to take turns with DH to get through it.
We checked with school yet there she was the perfect pupil. We did star charts, rewards, punishments etc - you name it everything.
Then we started the behaviour book - a simple plain book which when she has a tantrum she gets sent to her room (or in the car if we are out) to calm down then she has to write in her book and answer 4 simple questions:
Why did i tantrum?
What should i have done?
How did i feel?
What did i achieve?
We then talk through it all - This has worked very well - she was writing in it up to 3/4 times a day at the start but recently there was a 2 week gap in between them - which is fantastic.
We dont make a big deal out of it now and it has helped her learn how to deal if she is angry or upset as now she will actually tell me if she is upset/angry and the reason why before a tantrum starts then we will talk and about it.
Just an idea of something to try??? Hope this helps

greedygoose Fri 10-Jun-11 15:35:54

Mand - that is a really helpful suggestion, I think I am guilty of not really getting to the bottom of the issue and we maybe need to discuss why she is feeling angry etc. Thanks

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