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10 week old not smiling

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MrsLTH Fri 10-Jun-11 11:00:39

Hi there

Just looking for some advice. My 10 week old isnt really smiling yet. He does occasional very small tight expressions with his mouth that look like they could be the start of a smile but not the big goofy grins that he does subconciously in his sleep.
He was born at 37+5 and spent over a week in hospital on IV antibiotics for an eye infection so I am wondering if this has set him back a bit.
He also doesnt really look at me when he feeds (he is bottle fed) or make eye contact close up. Although he does totally follow me and make eye contact when I am changing his nappy for example.
I took him to the peadiatrician this week who said he seems a little 'behind' in terms of development but otherwise fine and to go back in a month.
I am still worrying about it, and whether he has autism for example, am I overreacting? Does anyone else have babies that smiled late, 10+ ?

Hunterswish Fri 10-Jun-11 14:22:54

Hi smile
3 months and maybe you could ask your HV? All babies develop at a different rate as I am sure you already know. My son is Aspergers I don't remember him smiling late or lack of eye contact especially not at 10 weeks smile
I remember when he was older 8 months that he did not like crowds or people talking to him directly?
Does he look at his hand? Has he found his mouth? does he grab at your hair?
Like I said, every baby is different . you might find that he is not smiling yet but doing other things early?
Keep a diary of his development so when you return to Dr in a month , you can have a record of what he has or has not been doing and it very well might help you, to see that he is doing well and Dr to understand if he needs further monitoring?
Good luck :0

thisisyesterday Fri 10-Jun-11 14:27:00

well i think that he will be later than other babies due to his prematurity iyswim? he's technically only at 8 week stage rather than 10 week stage i think
so I wouldn't b e overly worried

ftr my son has asperger's and met all his milestones as a young baby so i don't think you can tell anything this early at all

MrsLTH Sat 11-Jun-11 15:35:33

Thanks Ladies, He has found his mouth but doesnt look at his hand yet, he grabs my hair but I think that might be more by accident than by intention!

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