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Almost 1 Year Old Not Babbling

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GoldysMum Thu 09-Jun-11 23:02:10

I know there is another speech delay thread on here at the moment but I think this is a bit different as DS is going to be 1 in about 2 weeks time and really not babbling at all. He seems bright in most other ways although not particularly quick (he just started crawling this week) but recognises people, interacts through smiling, facial expression, waving etc, just not making any sounds. There is the odd 'ahhh ahh ahh' noise but nothing involving a consonant of any kind. I've not had a single Ma, ba, ga da, nothing. I think he can hear ok as he does seem to react to noises and turn around when I call but I am having his hearing tested next week just to rule that out. People keep telling me their stories about their own late talkers, but when I say, 'yes but did they at least make noises before they were 12 months', pretty much every baby seems to have made some kind of sound by then. So, has anyone else had this experience of no sound at all, not had a deaf child and found it was alright? Or am I likely to find there is a developmental issue here if his hearing does (as I suspect) turn out to be ok? Would appreciate any experiences on this, thanks.

thisisyesterday Thu 09-Jun-11 23:06:41

i can't remember if ds2 was babbling at age 1 or not, tho i kind of feel like he wasn't

anyway, at 2 and a bit i finally had him referred for hearing tests and salt as he was hardly saying anyhting at all

like you i didn't feel there was anything wrong with his hearing at all, he seemed to listen to us, and communicated in his own way

turned out he had severe glue ear, the tympanography they did was completely flat on both sides!

so, it can be hard to tell whether there is hearing loss, IME. but it's worth remembering that 1 is ever so early too, and it might just be that he has been busy doing other stuff and the talking will come next!

anyway, i hope the hearing test goes ok, and if anything shows up then at least you'll be able to keep an eye on it all

GoldysMum Thu 09-Jun-11 23:37:53

Thanks thisisyesterday. So it could be his hearing. I guess it's hard to tell sometimes if they turn around because they hear you calling or if they just sense or even see that you are there. I feel like I am hoping it is a treatable hearing condition rather than something worse (he did fail his newborn hearing screening twice but then when we were referred for the test that goes straight to the cochlear he was fine however I'm not sure if this would show up if there was a blockage and he has been particularly prone to colds). Then again that sounds crazy that I hope it is his hearing. Actually I hope as you say that it is just because he is concentrating on other things but it is hard not to do stupid internet searches and come up with other possible causes that are even more worrying. Verbal Dyspraxia is one that has come up, does anyone has any experience of that and think this sounds familiar?

chocjunkie Fri 10-Jun-11 03:55:43

goldysmum - it is really difficult to tell at this age. but as he is approaching 1 very fast and not babbling, I would second what thisisyesterday recommended - get a hearing test sorted first. could be something simple such as glue ear.

good luck

GoldysMum Fri 17-Jun-11 23:11:51

Hi again - just to update, he had his hearing test today and it is glue ear - almost didn't go as he actually started babbling a bit two days ago but the appointment was booked and luckily I thought I might as well get him checked. It does explain the speech delay and he will probably get gromets in a few months and his hearing and speech should be fine in future. Thanks guys, appreciate your comments

chocjunkie Sat 18-Jun-11 21:17:56

glad you had it checked out. DD had grommets (twice). good luck!

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