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5 month old - cat napping

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mummytasha11 Thu 09-Jun-11 12:57:20

hi everyone,

my 5 month old will not sleep during the day for longer than half an hour intervals and he always wakes up grouchy, which makes me think that he is not getting long enough, by about 6pm hes crabby, moody.....bath time is always a battle i usually bath him at 6.30pm and then give him a bottle at 6.45 before settling him at 7pm in bed.
he sleeps from 7pm - 5-6am so hes getting enough sleep at night but i dont know how to make him sleep longer during the day

matana Thu 09-Jun-11 13:05:46

Is this a new thing for him or has he always napped in half hour intervals? If it's new it'll probably pass without too much intervention, although you could try taking him for a walk or drive in the car to keep him asleep longer. Between 4 and 6 months my DS was all over the place - napping in a textbook way one day and then half hour intervals the next etc. He still has times when he regresses but it generally only lasts a few days and is usually linked to growth and development milestones or health and teething.

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