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9 week old baby feeding less

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Oscarsmum1 Thu 09-Jun-11 12:16:49

hello all,
Im a newcomer to this forum (or any for that matter!). I was wondering if anyone can offer advice on my 9 week old baby. He usually eats up to 6 oz, 6 times a day but for the last couple of days has only been wanting 3 oz in a feed. He's not sleeping as much either so I dont think its a growth spurt...
Should I be worried or give it some time before I panic! smile

penneekins Thu 09-Jun-11 12:21:17

Don't panic, but do contact your health visitor and ask. Or phone your doctor. Put your mind at rest. They are usually very good with new mums and you should never be afraid to ask the question. Hope all is well.

Deliaskis Thu 09-Jun-11 14:05:21

Weirdly, my DD did the exact same thing at around 9-10 weeks. It really stressed me out as she had had weight issues very early on so I felt like I had to get milk into her even if she didn't want it. I tried to chill out a bit tho, made sure I offered a bottle often, even if she didn't take much, and it just lasted a few days and then kind of went away again.

No idea why, but it just came and went. Speak to Dr or Health Visitor if you're worried or if you think she's not getting enough overall over a couple of days.


Oscarsmum1 Thu 09-Jun-11 15:14:31

Thanks so much both of you! x

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