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Swearing - please tell me they forget?

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FessaEst Thu 09-Jun-11 12:16:29

I am feeling awful. My 18 month old has just started swearing - always in an appropriate context. I am pretty sure it must come from me, though I don't notice I am doing it. I have done my best to ignore it and distract, but DH reacted when he first heard her, and I think that's made her realise there's something in what she said, so she has repeated it.

Is it best to ignore and hope she forgets, or should I make a fuss, and let her know these words are unacceptable - risking drawing attention to them? (And obv will clean up my act from now on).

I feel so bad, and anxious that she will say something at playgroup/with friends sad

Ragwort Thu 09-Jun-11 12:19:56

Love the comment that there is an 'appropriate context' for an 18 month old child to swear grin.

I would let her know that those words are unacceptable if she uses them again - and stop swearing yourself. If she doens't hear those words, she won't use them and is young enough to (hopefully) forget swear words.

FessaEst Thu 09-Jun-11 12:21:57

As in, you know what she means because it's when something gets stuck/dropped etc, rather than me thinking it is appropriate for her to swear at all in any circumstance!

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