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throwing up in 3rd trimester

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honeywach Thu 09-Jun-11 10:55:05

I have been feeling weak all morning and i just threw up which i never do. should i see a doc? im 34weeks

Firawla Thu 09-Jun-11 16:47:30

mention it to your midwife when u see them? or you may be coming down with something maybe?
i have started getting nausea now in 3rd trimester and have been sick a couple of times, i thought i skipped sickess for this pregnancy as i didnt have it at the beginning, but it has decided to strike now instead! luckily not tooo bad though, i didnt think anything to worry about too much. but if u have been sick a lot i would mention it to midwife, and about feeling weak etc

Ryma Thu 09-Jun-11 17:42:42

stomach bug?

sweetuphoria Thu 09-Jun-11 19:35:35

It is normal to feel a bit sick in the 3rd trimester

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