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4yo DD scared about eating in other people's houses

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octocompass Wed 08-Jun-11 18:56:42

DD has always been a fussy eater - she has a limited range of things and they have to be cooked just right. Recently she has started being invited to friends' houses and she is always very nervous about the mealtimes, for fear they will serve something she doesn't like. I've reassured her that she doesn't have to eat anything she doesn't like and even told her I'll speak to the mum in advance to explain what she will and won't eat. But she still worries about it and doesn't even want to go away with me this weekend on what was meant to be a very special overnight trip to a friend's house (I'm staying with her) because of the food issue.
Any ideas? Anyone experienced similar? Really wish we could get over this and it doesn't become a social hurdle.

exoticfruits Wed 08-Jun-11 19:11:50

Get her to eat more at home. It will get increasing difficult-school trips etc.

activate Wed 08-Jun-11 19:14:14

sounds like you're doing the right thing

have more playdates at yours
explain to parents how fussy / phobic she is - offer to provide her food or a list - tell dd beforehand what she's having so no fear

exoticfruits Wed 08-Jun-11 19:24:41

Provide your own food seems a good start, as activate says-take away the fear.

Scootergrrrl Wed 08-Jun-11 19:34:04

We had this with DD when she was younger and we taught her coping strategies - starting with simply saying no thank you to whatever it was and moving onto leaving it on the side of her plate and so on. She had to realise it wouldn't be the end of the world if someone offered her baked beans (her most detested food grin)

octocompass Wed 08-Jun-11 20:39:53

Thanks for the helpful suggestions. I have told her she just needs to say 'no thank you' and no-one will mind, but I think she finds the whole situation stressful. Telling her in advance what they'll be eating is a really good idea, I'll try that.

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