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Ready for potty training or just a phase?

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palazzo Wed 08-Jun-11 15:30:14


I am posting this here because my feeling is this is just a phase rather than a sign he's ready to potty train but I thought I would ask for your views.

My ds is 2.5 and has always liked playing with his willy but has now started taking his nappy off at any opportunity - whether we are out or not (although he doesn't so it at nursery apparently). It doesn't matter whether he is in pull-ups or regular nappies. I ask him if he needs a wee and sometimes he sits on the potty and wees and other times doesn't. I think he just likes having no nappy on!

He doesn't tell me when he needs to wee or poo. Am I right to just put him in poppered vests? Any tips on how to deal with it I am sick of thinking "I will cut it off"!!!!

Thanks in advance smile

ilovedjasondonovan Wed 08-Jun-11 19:57:17

Ah bless him, sounds like just a phase to me. 2.5 for a boy is still very early. Maybe give it a couple of months and then see how he is.

When they are 'ready' they can get it very quickly (within 48 hours). if you think he's not ready then he probably isn't. You'll know when he is.

Good luck.

palazzo Wed 08-Jun-11 20:39:49

Thanks iljd. My gut feeling is that he isn't and I really want that quick result not weeks of wet clothes! I am in no real hurry, I just have no reference points.

Any clues as to how to handle the constant getting his willy out? I try to ignore him, tell him to put it away and tell him that he can play with it in the bath or when he doesn't have his nappy on but nowhere else ... I don't think I am handling it very well sad I know it's a phase and really, really hope it passes soon!

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