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16mo shaking head - what to do

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Stangirl Wed 08-Jun-11 11:53:58

In the last week DD (16months) has started shaking head vigorously side to side when eating dinner. She only does it for a few seconds at a time but her eyes go funny when she's doing it and sort of collapses for a few seconds in her high chair afterwards - before doing it again. She seems to enjoying it but t is worrying me. We have tried to not say anything as she is at teh age that if we say "no" or try to stop her she just does something mroe and more.

Should I take her to the GP? Is this just normal behaviour?

DeWe Wed 08-Jun-11 12:21:13

Sounds normal to me. If you're worried then video it and shoe it to GP.
Sounds like she's just discovered how to do it, and is fun with your reaction.

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