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Night time vomiting

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willowsmyname Wed 08-Jun-11 09:46:19

Three nights in the past week my 11 mo has vomited copiously about 10pm after he's gone to bed. He usually goes down without a wimper but each night he's vomited he cries and won't let me leave then sleeps fretfully so am guessing he feels sick. He seems absolutely fine once he's thrown up - no temperature or anything. During the days he hasn't been ill and has been full of beans so am mystified. The only things I can think of (clutching at straws!) are that each time:
- he has got over tired before bedtime and this is why he won't settle
- has had tomato based lunches and dinners - not intentionally but has worked out this way e.g. pasta sauces. Anyone heard of too much tomato making you sick??

Thanks for your help!

Flojo1979 Wed 08-Jun-11 17:08:07

Most kids this age eat tomato based food most of the time so i doubt that could have anything to do with it, when my DCs where younger and sick it was usually the first clues i'd get to tonsilitus/throat infection/sniffles type illness that became more prominent when they lay down, but if its been 3 days and still no sign of illness then its a bit of a mystery.
My DD around this age went thro a phase of sticking her own fingers in her throat (or comfort blanket etc) which made her sick, does DS have comforter in mouth? But that wouldnt explain the fretfulness.
Hope hes ok tonight x

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