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2 yr old having nightmares

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leftangle Tue 07-Jun-11 11:30:09

Dd is a month over 2. A few days ago she got suddenly upset in the morning after a good night. When I asked her what made her sad she said house with a doorbell. More questions and I'm fairly sure she's had a bad dream about being in a house alone and being scared but her talking isn't up to many details.

She's talked about it yesterday and this morning as well, but only when I've asked her what the matter was. Not sure if the dream is recurring or if she's remembering the same one.

I've been reassuring her that it's not real and we'll never leave her alone etc but it's worrying me a bit as it's clearly getting to her.

Two questions really, is this common in this age group and should I be questioning her. Part of me wants to get to the bottom of it so I've a better chance of reassuring her but I'm concerned that by asking her about I'm giving it too much attention rather than letting her forget about it. Also asking questions like were you in the bathroom is maybe putting ideas in her head.

Anyone with experience of this?
Thanks for reading

bepi01 Tue 07-Jun-11 12:08:47

My DD is 2.5 and had her first 'nightmare' a couple of nights ago. She woke up screaming so I went into her and asked her what was wrong. She said 'spider'. I asked her if she wanted a cuddle and she said yes. We then looked for the spider and I said it wasn't read. I did question her.

She still refers to the spider dream. 'Hannah cry....spider in bed'. I just say, yes it was a dream, not real, Mummy's here etc. Not sue what else do do.

Sorry this is not much help but I wanted to say you are not alone.

leftangle Tue 07-Jun-11 12:55:18

I still wake up looking for spiders smile
Guess there isn't much else you can do. It's so hard to know what they understand

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