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Second pre-molars due?

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fluffymandy Mon 06-Jun-11 22:28:07


I'm new to Mumsnet! My daughter has been inconsolable at bedtime for about one week and I think she has the onset of her second molars but I am not entirely sure. She is 20 months old and has not long had her 1st set of molars come through. Due to my husbands terrible back problems, I was left alone to deal with night time teething over the period of a month and ended letting my inconsolable toddler sleep with me as I was too tired to stay awake, (plus other night time disruptions from my eldest daughter suffering from horrible bug and being ill with the bug myself!).

I am concerned that she has got used to be being soothed by me and won't go to bed on her on own anymore. She does how ever have a good couple of minutes chew on a silver spoon and bites really hard on my finger when I try to investigate. When I leave her in her cot, it sounds like she is having a god almighty tantrum but it is often intermitant and the protests change from tantrum to high pitch scream.

She has not been using me to get to sleep for her afternoon naps for the last two days, so that has been one saving grace.

Any help and advice (or empathy!) would be gratefully received!


yetama Mon 06-Jun-11 22:57:46

Not much of adivce in here but I can say I DO empathy with you. DD (22 months) has got used to sleep with me (for plenty of other reasons) and now it is impossible for me to put her in bed and leave without plenty of cryin and screaming for me. What to do? I am not sure but at the momen I am just going along even though I know it is making things worse. I am just hoping that at some point in the near future she will grow out of it. In reality I know I am dreaming [grim].

Sorry for not much help but you are not alone of this helps you smile wine

fluffymandy Mon 06-Jun-11 23:02:12

Thank you Yetama! That's very nice of you! Perhaps we will both receive some useful advise from some others via this thread.

Best wishes

clairechurcher Wed 22-Jun-11 21:49:56

Hi Mandy,

Your post could have been written by me! My eldest daughter is 22 months and for the last 10 days been inconsolable at night. If she does go to sleep ok at bed time it's only cos she refused her nap by screaming and is shattered. The only thing we can think is second molars but none broken through yet......she wakes every night and the first couple of times settles down ok but by the 2am wake up she can't be consoled and ends up in spare room with one of us.

Gonna get her checked out at docs tomorrow cos dunno what to do, she's such a good girl normally.

How is your dd getting on?


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