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oldboy Sun 05-Jun-11 18:18:07

Hi my ds is 2 and half and as suddendly lost his appetite will eat crisps and choc but hardly any healthy food. He won't eat sandwiches , toast etc. So mainly spoon feed. He is teething with his back teeth has pushing all chew toys to back. He has sen.
Is it just cause he is teething or is it the start of a behavioral problem ?

Masalamama Sun 05-Jun-11 19:26:24

Hi there, it may just be the teething but whatever you do don't get hung up on the eating thing. Give him a choice at mealtimes, without offering him the crisps and chocolate. He may just be asserting his independence. Eventually he will get hungry and eat whatever you give him!! In my fav toddler book by Dr Christopher Green, he says the average toddler will take 68 to die of starvation. Remind him who is boss and give him a few hungry mealtimes... you'll see how quickly he devours what is served. PS= I have two kids one 27 mo and a 7 mo and was a terrible problem eater as a child!!

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