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Toddler suddenly dislikes her swimming lessons.

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Pigleychez Sun 05-Jun-11 16:35:04

DD1 has had swimming lessons since she was 14mths old. Shes now 2.10 and doing brilliantly and can swim about 5 meters completely unaided.

In the past few weeks though kicked off big time during her lessons.
She is very excited about going and cant wait to get in but then point blankly refuses to go under the water.
I cant get any sense out of her as to why she suddenly doesnt want to, she will cause a major fuss, screaming untill you take her out of the lesson.

Ive tried all sorts of bribery to no avail too.

We have decided that next week shes not going to her Lesson. Her Little sister will go as normal but I cant cope with a major tantrum every Sunday! And im not paying £14 a lesson for a load of stress and embarrasment sad

Its hard to know if a break will do her good or if we should just perserve.

Anyone else been in this position and have any advice?

cordyblue Sun 05-Jun-11 17:52:32

I am on a break away from swimming lessons with my almost three year old. She just stopped enjoying them, and I took advice from my eldest daughter's swimming club who said just to leave the lessons entirely until she's over four years of age, and then start again - and in the meantime, just take her myself every so often.

FWIW, my eldest daughter swims incredibly well for the swim club and I am 100% convinced that they know what they're talking about. They said swimming lessons for under four's just simply weren't worth the money in their opinion. So, yes, I'm on a break too!!! And feel a lot less stressed about it all grin

scurryfunge Sun 05-Jun-11 17:55:39

Swimming at that age is about fun and confidence. If she is not enjoying it, you are right to take a break.

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