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2 year old refusing to eat

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ticktickboom Fri 03-Jun-11 23:48:14


My 2 year old daughter has never eaten a proper mean and i feel like i have failed so much at being a mum. When i was starting her on solid foods i was trying different things with her all the time and even then she would scream and scream if i tried to get her to eat something off a spoon. finger foods are not a problem. she will eat crisps, biscuits, pizza, chips, garlic bread, dairylea dunkers and toast no problem. the only thing she will eat off a spoon is weetabix and yoghurts.

It is causing really big arguments between me and DP. he isnt her biological father so he doesnt really take much to do with her upbringing but he thinks im too soft because i give into her every day and let her snack all day and eat a pizza or chips or something at night.

i will cook meals and they end up in the bin. i have tried, honestly i have, and she screams and has a massive tantrum if i try and give her good home cooked food such as mince and potatoes or fish or chicken.

i feel really guilty giving her junk all the time but i want her to at least eat something. Im scared to ask my health visitor for any help incase my DD gets taken off me as ive read stories about things like this happening. She is a healthy weight, size and very clever and active so i am not concerened about anything like that. It makes mealtimes very very difficult and going out for a meal anywhere is a no no.

Please only reply if you have genuine advice, i could really do without being slagged off. This is my first (and only) child and im still learning. I have never really had any experience with children before so i havent a clue where to start.

FebreezeYourJeans Sat 04-Jun-11 00:19:04

No slagging off here, you know that you need to break this cycle of snacking on foods with little nutritional value or you wouldn't have posted.

My dc1 went through a phase of only wanting to eat finger food and I found this book a Godsend. Full of ideas for making healthy foods that can be eaten my little hands. She did eventually grow out of it.

I also made sure that I ate my meals at the same time as her, and made mealtimes, sociable and enjoyable. She was fiercely independent and didn't want to be fed so I would give her bits of all kinds of things to try either with fingers or with a spoon (self feeding) I made no fuss about any mess she made and I didn't make a fuss if she didn't want to try or didn't like.

Involving her in the cooking, just stirring a bolognaise sauce or being able to add the mushrooms helped too.

No snacks during the day other than fruit though, if she's filling up on crisps she has no incentive to try your healthy food.

Good luck

ticktickboom Sat 04-Jun-11 00:24:48

thank you. i am totally aware i need to break this cycle and i will try my hardest to try and get her to help out. i work full time so ill let my mum and gran (babysitters - godsends) know to try stuff like this out too.

im praying she will start to co-operate soon

winnybella Sat 04-Jun-11 00:37:23

What Febreeze said, and also you can make one meal oot of finger foods. Toast, some high-quality ham and an avocado and a fruit and yoghurt make a nutritious lunch.

No one will take your child into care because she's eating pizzas etc- trust me.

Just relax, offer the food, she doesn't eat it, too bad, give her a yoghurt or a small chunk of cheese, so she doesn't go to bed starving (but no pudding).

Do your mum and gran fret over it too much, perhaps, and your DD likes to 'win' and not eat what they offer, purely for reaction?

lemonsquish Sat 04-Jun-11 00:41:05

Will she feed herself with a spoon or one of those toddler forks? My DD2 was a very fussy eater at that age, but she did like whatever I was eating and would go to the drawer, get herself a spoon and just start eating off my plate!

I do think she will grow out of it, as it obviously isn't a physical problem. There are lots of healthy foods that she can eat with her fingers if she doesn't like a spoon at the moment, such as fruit, veg, sandwiches etc.

I know it's easier said than done, but if you can relax and not make a fuss at meal times, everyones lives will be happier. I wish you luck, toddlers can be hard work sometimes.

MrsC1977 Sat 04-Jun-11 19:27:20

My 2 Year old daughter is EXACTLY the same. I was going to write a post for advice until I came across ur post. It is so frustrating isn't it? I too cook only for it to be thrown in the bin. Maybe its a phase (I hope) as I feel like I've failed too!

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