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2 year old not liking other children

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FranTan Fri 03-Jun-11 19:21:40

When I collected my 2.3 year old ds from nursery today, one of the workers asked if he intergrates with other children out of nursery. He doesn't, we've not been in the area for that long and both work full time. DS has never liked being with his peers, hates sharing and prefers to play alone. We've always known this but now nursery have brought this to our attention, I'm worried. She spoke of trying to get him to play with others with an adults nearby and in a couple of months, if there's no improvement, "get someone in from outside to observe". She said it might just be a lack of confidence but of course I'm now projecting about what it could be. He's great with adults, an only child and bright in other respects. He's not agressive with other kids but spends all of his 3 days at nursery playing alone or with an adult. He just hates being with other children. Anyone else had any experience of this?


DeWe Fri 03-Jun-11 19:28:23

Would have thought that was perfectly normal. I remember noticing that in dd1's preschool (age from 2 1/2yrs) the first year in they didn't tend to play with each other. They started playing, and being friends at trhe beginning of the second year there (ie the year before school). Most of those that I noticed that were at the older end too, and were nearly 4.
It may be that there's something else they've noticed. You say he hates sharing, how do you know he hates it? Does he lash out, sulk, or just forcably refuse? As you're obviously worrying, it could be worth asking straight out what they're observing and finding concerning.

FranTan Fri 03-Jun-11 20:03:56

Thanks DeWe. He cries when he's told to share, although he never takes toys away from others, he just objects when others try to share with him. I've read that at that age they tend to play side by side but he's actively avoiding children. I am worried but it doesn't take much! He's still young though and would be more concerned if he were a year older. He might just be socially shy, who knows.

Tgger Fri 03-Jun-11 20:19:54

He's a bit young to be worried, but you might be able to ease him into the idea by trying to get together with other littleys when you have him at home. Guess not much time for this if you're both working full time!

Sharing is not easy for 2 year olds, quite normal not to want to! Hopefully he will come round to the idea of playing with others and sharing in a while. My DD is very sociable now at 2.5 but has really developed over the last few months and certainly still ignores other children much of the time!

DS only really made his own friends at nearer 4. He had "friends" before this point, but that was more children of other Mums I knew and he was familiar with.

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