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Routine for 4 month old?

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gallicgirl Thu 02-Jun-11 22:59:19

I'm hoping you could give me your thoughts on a suitable/typical feeding routine for my 4MO DD.

She slipped quite easily into her own routine of feeding every 3 hours around 10am, 1pm, 4,7 and 10pm. Sometimes this varies by half an hour or so and she has a nap between each feed.

This week I've been making an effort to put her to bed after 7pm feed and keeping her there until the 10pm feed. She's at her most alert in the evening so this doesn't seem to happen naturally. She has also taken to waking up around 6am and being a bit unsettled for a while but will go back to sleep if given her dummy or occasionally a little cuddle.

Tonight she really faffed around at the 7pm feed, had a short nap half way through (10-15 minutes) and only went to bed shortly after 9pm. She woke up at 10 but I just put her dummy in and she went back to sleep. I had only just cooked dinner thanks to her earlier faffing so needed her to sleep a bit longer so I could eat.

Surprisingly she is still asleep so I'm wondering whether I should wake her up for a feed or chance it and see when she wakes.

I suppose my question would be if your child goes to sleep at 7pm, how long do they sleep and when would you expect them to feed again? DD won't do dream feed, by the way. She has a bit of reflux so we have to wake her to wind properly but she more often than not either chokes or clamps her gums shut so teat can't get through.

sweetuphoria Fri 03-Jun-11 10:40:59

My DD is just 5mo and we have just stopped the dream feed as she was only taking 2oz so we thought she wasn't bothered. so she now goes 7-7 at night without a feed. But she does take a lot during the day (7-8oz FF every 4 hours), so it depends on how much your LO is taking during the day I suppose (more difficult to gauge if she is BF).

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