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please tell me about your non-stop 4 year old! i need to know its all normal!

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roundthehouses Wed 01-Jun-11 09:01:53

Dh has asked me to find out what other people´s 4 year olds are like. DS wakes up at 7am (only recently due to gro-alarm and lots of stickers to get him to stay in bed longer) raring to go. He is NEVER sleepy in the morning. From the word go his mouth starts moving and I swear he is silent for maybe an hour total a day allowing for (brief) moments when he gets absorbed in something else. He talks talks talks ALL THE TIME. Even friends who say their kids talk all the time come away saying "wow, he DOES talk a lot". he isn´t amazingly coordinated so has never been a physical kid but at 7am will be in full pirate garb wanting to sword fight, or jumping on dh and I, touching, pulling, grabbing, generally being in our faces and annoying.

Please, is this normal? We have a 3mo aswell and although he sleeps well sometimes we are just tired and it makes it harder to deal with. I am trying to be patient but as I said to dh this morning, I am NEVER. NEEEEEVER, going to want to play at 7am and ds HAS to learn that. Normally one of us ends up shouting at some point and I really hate shouting, he really is such a good, sweet kid with a lovely nature, but this aspect can be really hard to deal with.

Indith Wed 01-Jun-11 09:07:37

Yup. Ds sleeps a little more than yours but otherwise...talktalktalktalktalk shout grab pull run up and start hitting your tummy thinking he is tickling tell you to lie down to wrestle so he can jump on you and start bouncing up and down go to park ride bike pick up sticks and run around in circles shouting "i'm going ot get you! This is my gun! Pow powpow"

I tell ds that it is too early for loud games, neighbours are still sleeping, that sort of thing. Not that it always works of course but I think that at 4 he is old enough to learn that we play loud, running around games in the park, that we don't shout early in the morning because we have to be mindful of other peoples' feelings and so on.

What toys does he have? Ds is quite goot at channeling some of his energy into battles with playmobil pirates, model dinosaurs and such. Oh and killing his sister but that tends to be a little loud and result in lots of shouting (she is 2).

roundthehouses Wed 01-Jun-11 09:11:59

he has loads of toys but loves playing with his playmobil, problem is getting him to do it alone! so even if I get it out first thing he still wants me to play with him (sob) I don´t WANT TO PLAY PIRATES AT 7AM (stamps feet)

it does help to know others are going through the same torture! It is hard bloody work having to be on the go keeping him occupied morning noon and night, god how i miss naps!

AuntieMonica Wed 01-Jun-11 09:17:32

sounds normal to me roundthehouses <sighs>

often am greeted by DD (4 in 2 weeks) dressed as vet/fairy/doctor at 6.30am....she's learning that not ALL family members share her enthusiasm that early in the day - but keeping her volume down is always a bit hit and miss

shelleylou Wed 01-Jun-11 09:27:08

Normal here too. My 4yo DS is often up at 5.30/6am and on the go from then on. He comes racing out of nursery and half the parent are astonished i can keep up with him (also 19 weeks pregnant) Hes quite good though and will play by himself. If im at a loss or hes really interested he'll help putting a load of washing on or passing me pegs counting them and telling me the colours of them

roundthehouses Wed 01-Jun-11 09:54:13

and do you have to repeat everything at least once but more often 3 or 4 times?

"ds go get your shoes"
"go get your shoes"

(not shouting from far away, this can even be in the same room) I would have concerns about his hearing but his best friend´s mum says her ds is exactly the same.

Tgger Wed 01-Jun-11 21:36:31

We have a rule that we will "play" as long as we can stay in bed. We are also allowed to say no to playing, altho normally one of us will playa bit or there will be grumps! Also, no rough stuff on our bed- he can get on our bed with us but has to get off if being too rough.

DS tends to get up about 7, then we/he plays for between 30 minutes and an hour before we get up and go down for breakfast. Luckily once downstairs he knows he has to play alone as I AM BUSY GETTING BREAKFAST. He is really good at doing this (often draws), so if there are any problems upstairs we get downstairs quick! DD is 2.5 and she fits in well with this routine too now and they play/kill each other a bit more now too grin.

Think you can get him to play a bit more on his own (sometimes we get "shows" at 7am (groan)- luckily not much input needed! You just have to introduce the idea gradually.

nethunsreject Wed 01-Jun-11 21:39:11

NOrmal, normal, normal.

It is bloody knackering.

Only thing keeping me sane is pre-school and the promise of Big School in August. smile

He is up at 6 or 7 and he is ON.

I have a non-sleeping 1 yr old too.

I ama woman on the edge, I tell you. wink

EvilTwins Wed 01-Jun-11 21:44:32

I have 4 yr old twins. They NEVER stop. They're nearly 5 actually, so they're in school already but their day (school or otherwise) is mad activity and chatter from when they get up (7ish on a school day, later (if we're lucky) at the weekend) til they fall exhausted into bed between 6.45 and 7 in the evening. I too am often greeted by the sight of a princess and a mermaid or a fairy and a nurse at breakfast time, even on school days. Every time we think they might start to slow down, they pick it up a gear. I have no idea how their wonderful teacher copes with a whole class full of them. THey were at a holiday playscheme today with two friends (also ID twins) and the play leader said "phew, they've tired ME out, no idea how they're still going" when I picked them up at 4.

So, yeah grin - totally normal.

EffinNora Wed 01-Jun-11 21:47:04

Yes, normal, sorry.

Bloody nightmare innit?

skewiff Wed 01-Jun-11 21:51:04


Yes - my 4 yr old is JUST like this. I have a 3 week old baby and my 4 yr old is jumping over and on the baby all the time. Rubbing his face into baby's face - squeezing baby too hard (but lovingly, so I feel awful saying 'no' all the time).

Every time I get baby to sleep my 4 yr old wakes her up by shouting or prodding her etc

And yes, DS wants to play at 6 am. He is leaping around at that time and I am not in the mood at all.

casawasa Wed 01-Jun-11 21:52:59

Totally normal! Its one of the things that no-one tells you before you have children smile

For what's it worth my ds is the same but I have to say it has got easier as he has got older.

CMOTdibbler Wed 01-Jun-11 21:58:30

Yup. Mines just turned 5 though. I confess that a tv in our bedroom that gets CBeebies has made a huge difference as we can snuggle and watch something first thing and lets dh and I wake up gently.

He also concentrates so much he doesn't hear you. I now give it two goes then take action as it drives me nuts

BrokenBananaTantrum Wed 01-Jun-11 22:07:07

Tis normal. This is a run down of my day today. DD has been a bit unwell with a cold but this is how it went.

5:30 up and into our bed
8:10 get up. This is usually 6:30 but as she has been poorly we all slept in
8:10 til 12:30 - breakfast, painting, playground, junk modelling, dancing.
12:30 lunch
1:00 Asda
2:00 home. Painting baking.
3:30 I'm knackered now so Handy Manny dvd
4:00 pil's arrive. Sword fight with grandad, dancing for nanna
5:00 tea.
5:15 colouring book more sword fighting with grandad.
6:30 bath
7:00 bed

All this with full on commentary. I swear she is going to be a tv presenter or something as she talks me through her whole day. I'm in bed now absolutely knackered. I don't know how I.would manage if like you I had a 3mo. It is so full on. I don't have any suggestions on how to manage it tho sorry. Some days I.could scream if I hear mummy mummy one more time. But then we.have days where if has been tiring but fab.

smokinaces Wed 01-Jun-11 22:11:40

Yup. This morning at 8.30am DS1 was running around a park like a lunatic whilst I sat nursing a mug of tea bleary eyed.

This house is woken up around 7am. He is then non stop until he drops in the evening, around half seven (if I'm lucky) He never stops moving, talking or fidgetting. He needs constant conversation, constant interaction. Its shattering!! He's 5 in August and I'm counting down the days to the teenage years when he stays in bed all day and just grunts!

roundthehouses Thu 02-Jun-11 09:40:49

well I´m glad to know I´m not alone at any rate grin though this morning ds2 slept til 8.30 and it was really revealing how ds1´s behaviour changed once the baby was up and needing fed/changed etc. we had such a nice quiet morning, me and ds doing drawing and writing etc all very calm and as soon as ds2 was up it was like someone had flipped a switch and it was all jumping and bouncing and screeching. I knew some of it was prob down to jealousy but was the first time we´d seen it so starkly. ho hum, this too shall pass and all that...

hettie Thu 02-Jun-11 09:56:57

oh yes, yes indeedy.....very normal. In particular ds is like this if I want to talk on the phone (how very dare I!)
We have an even better combo.... a non stop talker combined with a level of physical energy that means he needs exercising like a dog (one of my friends has nicknamed him running boy- [hollow laugh emoticon]). It is quite quite exhausting

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