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Is my 7m old milk/food/nap routine ok? Should I reduce milk??

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BooBearBoo Tue 31-May-11 11:12:48

This is my 7m old's routine:

6am 8oz formula
Back to sleep
8.30am porridge/readybrek/weetabix followed by toast
10.30am 2-3oz whole milk
11am-12noon - nap
12.30pm lunch - large jar, bit of pud maybe, lots of finger food after
3pm - 8oz formula
3.30-4.30pm nap
5.30pm dinner - pretty much same as lunch
8pm 8oz formula
8.30pm bed

We've noticed he has been going off his food recently but drinking more milk. He eats a lot compared to other babies his age but he is big (93rd centile for weight and off the scale for height).

I can't help feeling he is having too much milk. Should we reduce it to get him to up his food intake again?

Also, does anyone have an alternate ideas for breakfast? He seems to have gone off his porridge/weetabix...

matana Tue 31-May-11 13:30:02

Babies need 20 ounces of milk until they're one year old, so it looks like yours is getting more than this. But if he's a big baby it might just mean he needs it. I have the opposite problem - i can't believe the amount of solid food my DS has, but am a bit concerned he's not having enough milk. Don't know for sure as i'm BFing so can't tell how much he's having. But he does still have 4 milk feeds per day at 7mo.

matana Tue 31-May-11 13:30:40

Oh, and how about scrambled/ dipping egg for breakfast?

BooBearBoo Tue 31-May-11 15:02:33

I like the egg idea! Will try it in the morning smile

chocolateteabag Tue 31-May-11 22:10:28

My DS is coming up for 7 months - his routine is:
7am 6oz FF
8-9am Breakfast: Weetabix/Porridge followed by Toast
Or fruit/Yoghurt followed by half a hotcross bun
Thinking of trying cheerios soon?
11am 6 oz FF
Either before or after bottle he'll have a nap of around an hour
1pm Lunch: half a jar or homemade food followed by yoghurt or fruit
Or Toast or scrambled egg
3pm 6 oz bottle
5pm Supper: half jar (the other half!) follwoed by yoghurt or rice pudding
6.30pm 6oz bottle after bath, then bed
10.30 ish - 4oz dream feed

I am trying to drop the dream feed but he is waking early in response. He now has a cold so think I'll keep if for a bit longer

I am finding that he will eat and eat and then not drink enough milk so have been reducing the amounts slightly so that I got him to have at least 25oz.
But guess I need to reduce that down now.

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