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"Everybody doesn't like me" - DS 2.5

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crumpetsolo Fri 27-May-11 11:20:54

He's a sensitive little soul, and gets a bit lost in the crowd as he's not naturally boisterous, but plays nicely in small groups and with children he knows. Recently he's started saying "noone plays with me at nursery" and "the nursery boys don't like me". I've asked the girls to observe him to see if he really is being left out, but it makes me so sad for him and I don't know how to help. We go to toddler groups but he is quite shy about joining in, esp. if it's a busy, noisy group. Would he be better off with a nanny? Or is this just normal toddler angst?

Just wondered if anyone had any experience they could share.

lionheart Fri 27-May-11 11:31:51

Can you have a word with the staff to see if they have noticed it? Perhaps, they might come up with some strategies, if that is the case. Otherwise, you could go the playdate route and get some out of hours bonding going which, presumably will feed back into the school.

Do you think it might be one or two boys who have given him grief?

crumpetsolo Fri 27-May-11 11:33:56

He's only 2 and a half, so it's nursery rather than school, but yes I have asked them to keep an eye on him, and if it is a problem will have to think of something. He has been going for over a year so knows the other children reasonably well, but maybe playdates would help. Thank you. Just wondered if anyone else had a quiet child and how they were able to help them deal with big groups.

lionheart Fri 27-May-11 11:42:17

Did the staff notice anything before you mentioned it?

Joolyjoolyjoo Fri 27-May-11 11:46:17

Agree with getting the staff to watch out- both my younger 2 children (who are NOT shy Or quiet) used to come home from nursery saying exactly this- that they had no friends and no-one liked them. With dd2 it turned out she didn't yet have one "special" friend, found it hard to adjust to children playing with her for a little while then walking off to do something else- she assumed they didn't like her! My DS, I'm sure just says it to be contrary- the teachers say he mingles well. Good luck!

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