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I am the mother of a 7month old pocket rocket who can walk and climb stairs. I am exhausted.

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dubaipieeye Sun 22-May-11 08:14:03

Anyone else? Fancy a chat about not sleeping/bottles/purees/walking all at the same time?

brettgirl2 Sun 22-May-11 09:18:55

That's amazing. I think the key is to buy him/ her some shoes and start outdoor walking until he/she is begging for his/ her cot.

kez31 Sun 22-May-11 09:23:26

Wow i have a 7 month and he can only just turn over yours can walk already... but i dont think i would want him walking yet as have a 20 month who is a nightmare into everything as we speak. As for sleeping whats that lol my 7 month is up about 3 or 4 times in the night, so a very tired me.. but saying all that would not change them for the world smile How does your 7 month sleep at night????

Cheeruploveitmightneverhappen Sun 22-May-11 09:35:06

Babygate for staircase I think!

When you say walk, do you mean walking independently or cruising around the furniture? Either way, it's pretty amazing.

MumToTheBoy Sun 22-May-11 09:42:36

My ds (now 5yr old) crawled at 5 months and began walking at 7 and a half months. That was when I was asked to stop going to the new mums group (as he could potentially walk on the tiny babies) and discovered the local farm! He walked to his hearts content around the farm and shortly after began sleeping through!! It's exhausting following them around all the time, especially when all your friends babies are still content to lie on their backs! It feels unfair almost, as you don't expect this phase to happen for a few more months! Have you got outdoor shoes yet?

GwendolineMaryLacey Sun 22-May-11 09:47:02

Wow, I thought dd was bad at 9 months. No advice but huge sympathy although I know that isn't the right word.

kez31 Sun 22-May-11 09:47:44

I thought it was early to do that at 7 months, makes me think that maybe my 7 month should be doing more.. a little concered now

WhoWhoWhoWho Sun 22-May-11 09:52:06

Wow he sounds super - and tiring! grin

I second the great outdoors. Let him burn off some energy somewhere safe with lots of space.

And definetely get stairgates. Apparently I was into everything at this age, unfortunately I have the scars to prove it. (sorry I know that's a bit serious)

savoycabbage Sun 22-May-11 09:52:43

My dd1 rolled over at 8 months and my dd2 walked at 9 months. I like mumtotheboy stopped going to new baby groups as my dd was standing all over the precious babies.

And I felt like a bit of a fool to be honest. Even though I obviously didn't have anything to do with when she was walking, like I was showing off. It didn't help that she was tiny.

Rubyabcd Sun 22-May-11 10:00:24

My nearly twelve month old doesn't even roll over never mind walk!! I'm jealous!!

dubaipieeye Sun 22-May-11 12:42:09

Thanks all. Sorry I should be clear - when I say walking I mean a mixture of cruising and holding my hands to walk. Mostly he wants to climb up things (bookcases/stairs/the dog wink. Most of his peers at baby group aren't moving at all confused Trouble is since he discovered cruising he gets very, very upset when he has to crawl so I spend hours upon hours bent double holding on to him every day. We live in Dubai and it is about 38c outside at the moment so very sadly the great outdoors is not an option until about late October - gaa! We have discovered one soft play area which is usually empty but at about 8pounds per hour it's not really an all day every day option. And yes, we have also been asked to move on to toddler group - I'm gutted as all my friends are at baby group and will be for some time!

savoycabbage and I know what you mean about the showing off feeling - I have days when I play down what he can do because I can't bear the interrogations from other Mums hmm who don't quite believe me. But tis true. He crawled at 4mo to the day and has been on his feet since 6mo. We also get mini tantrums now - yikes! He sleeps from about 7pm til 5.10am (pretty much to the dot) every day. He has four teeth and 5+6 are coming through as we speak. Have I mentioned that I am exhausted!

Opportunity to vent much appreciated. Thanks.

dubaipieeye Sun 22-May-11 12:45:48

Oh and yep, we have got his first pair of Clarks mumtotheboy - I almost hesitated to as I thought they might encourage him to move even fact - since he got them he can walk holding just one of my hands, so I may have to hide them for a while wink

COCKadoodledooo Sun 22-May-11 13:40:45

You need some of these to save your back grin Or something. Ds2 was probably 8.5/9 months before he was at that stage, and that was bad enough, you have my sympathy!

My friend (who's ds was born a week before mine) was constantly comparing hers to mine, and getting distressed that hers wasn't walking. I told her not to stress and that she was much better off. Hers started at 17mo and now she knows what I mean!

My ds2 is now 18mo and a bloody hooligan very physically able. Doesn't talk much though. Ds1 was the complete opposite, and I found him much easier!

Smokedsalmonbagel Sun 22-May-11 20:12:26

Just wanted to add I know where you are coning from.

DS1 crawled at 6 months and was walking at 9 months. I used to play it down as well. Everyone likes to compare what their babies are doing and I felt embarrassed at times.

But DS2 rolled over at 6 months and is not even sitting up let alone crawling at 8 months.

They are all so different. I do emphasise, it is hard work walking them round all day. On the other hand DS1 is a very bright and energetic 4 year old now and wouldn't have him any other way.

Plus I think I had it the right way round. At least I'm not chasing a 4 year old and a 8 month old around at the moment!

sarahtigh Sun 22-May-11 20:54:58

buy some reins ( be prepared to be flamed though) they save your back and harder to escape from, by twisting their hand, my DD was walking at about 11 months but because she was really small proper shoes were too big and you cant walk outside in scottish snow in soft crawler shoes but just try and enjoy it all kids advanced in some areas a bit slower in others

I guess you will have all tiled/ hard floors I agree about stairgates but also teach him how to climb up and in a few weks how to crawl back down in reverse, so then if he escapes onto stairs he is less likely to fall, I used to let her crawl up and down and praise her for doing it sensible way she is now walking down at 17 months forwards holding rail, as though she has decided crawling is toooooooooo babyish, I know where you are coming from it is tiring but also he should sleep better is lots of exercise will probably eat more too

lostinwales Sun 22-May-11 21:04:49

Having had two of these fabulous and infuriating creatures can I just reiterate the reins and gates, these will be your friend over the next few months. I know people thing reins are against the child's human rights or some such guff but they still have baby brains and when DS1 could run faster than me by 12 months and loved roads they gave him the 'right' to not get run over. What I can't work out is how DS2, who didn't move anywhere, by any means, until he was 16 months, is now king of sportyness whilst DS1 can fall over walking in a straight line on a flat surface?

SleepDeprivedGrumpyBum Mon 23-May-11 11:51:18

Oh god i totally empathise, Ds is 6.5 months and although he isn't walking he's crawling, climbing the stairs and pulling himself up on anything and everything. Its knackering!! Especially as Ds doesn't sleep well.

OP may i ask how your "pocket rocket" manages to settle to sleep at night? Ds just will not keep still and crawls around his cot or pulls himself up and will not lie down! He's driving me crazy, i've not had more than 2 hours unbroken sleep in almost 2 months sad

WorrisomeHeart Tue 24-May-11 18:50:03

Hmm.. think I need to join this thread as DS (2 days off 7 mths) started cruising today... The worst thing is the constant falling at the moment - I'm guessing that doesn't get better? He keeps pulling himself up on things and then letting go or trying to turn around and tipping over.

Hulababy Tue 24-May-11 18:54:38

My Dd started cruising at 5 months and was never off her feet if she could help it! She didn't walk fully til 10m but then just took off. She never really got the hang of crawling at all. She talked early too. Never got the hang of sleepong throught il 20 months though, sadly. I spent those early months ina blur of tiredness I think - fun though as well.

My friend's little girl walked on her own from 8m! Earliest I have seen.

dubaipieeye Wed 25-May-11 18:50:00

Pocket rocket has, in the last couple of days, decided that he HATES pushchairs, car seats and especially highchairs - sigh...

Sleepdeprived I can't say I have done anything special or had a proper strategy re dropping off I'm afraid...he USED to just drop off on his bottle at about 6.30-7ish but for the last few days it's been well after 9pm and I am finding it very hard! So you have my complete sympathy when it comes to - sleep - at least I get to go through the night - you poor thing!!

worrisome actually the falling over bit got better reasonably quickly - say within a month...he still has some big falls every day but not nearly as many as before. Squishy mats from the ELC have helped.

I've started taking him swimming every morning - last couple of days we have been in the pool at 6am - he was loving it at first but now he wants to climb out - by himself - he was holding onto the sides and trying to chuck his leg out this morning!!! God help me...

Good to know he's not that unusual though smile

HansieMom Wed 25-May-11 20:36:51

Does he have a toy he can hold on to, kind of like a shopping cart but lower and sturdier? Then he could go on his own. My twin GC liked to go around the 'loop' in their house. I just recalled one grandson, newly walking, naked, wearing red crocs that I bought him. Uber cute!

FlowerBee Thu 26-May-11 18:06:15

My baby is the same. I try and do as many classes as i am able because at least they have clean floors, know what he's like and tire him mentally if not physically.

We do swimming at least once a week. I often 'chase' him round the house. I also encourage climbing up/down stairs (supervised) to tire him out. Indoor push/walkers are good. As is creating a kind of cruising obstacle course with chairs etc.

i sympathise. Only today he was bolting (crawling) around a circle of babies stealing all their toys/ climbing up the mums backs! I was repeatedly bringing him back but there's no point me doing it all the time as id never sit down. Some mums are fine and relaxed, as long as they watch him attacking their little ones (i always try to catch it), other mothers are dour and bitter!!

Newbabynewmum Thu 26-May-11 21:04:43

Can I join?! My DD has been walking holding my hands from 4mo - pulling herself up & walking with her push along toys from 6mo. Now 8mo. She doesn't sleep through the night either - maybe there's some link there!

I don't know about anyone else's DC's but she now get so cross if I don't let her walk. Really tantrums. Tbh I don't mind the showing off bit! Shes really tall so people just assume that she's older than she is.

Bloody hard work. I feel for you all. I've been a lone parent since she turned 2mo too, I just wish she'd sleep! Ah well, I am very proud of her. And that's worth the exhaustion!

Enorelbot Thu 26-May-11 21:22:31

A thread that fits my life!!! grin

Love the term pocket rocket -may borrow that one!

DS rolled at 3 months, crawled at 6 1/2 months, and pulled up to stand a week later. He started cruising the funiture a few days after that.
He started walking a week before his birthday, and does not stop moving while awake - EVER!!!

I have total sympathy, and have people forever saying to me - 'he is so active,/so alert/lively/busy/ etc etc.


Love him to bits but seriously, I need a rest. I'm struggling with PND and PTSD so the days where he is uber excitable seem endless...

And he has slept through the night about 4 nights in the whole year since his birth. shock

Trina82 Fri 27-May-11 11:59:51

My PFB DD walked at 9 months, she was tiny and loved to go for a walk round to the corner shop, I found this tired her out so then when I needed to go the bank or somewhere where it wasn't suitable for her to walk she would sit happily in the pushchair knowing she'd had her walk out for the day (oh dear I'm describing my DD as a dog!).
Also, my HV at the time said she is obv clever so maybe the usual things for a 9 month old aren't stimulating her enough, so I tried do one activity a day sitting at the table/highchair that you would do with a toddler, painting, play dough, drawing, jigsaws etc...she loved it. I loved it to, I could sit still for half hour-hour without saying carful, get down etc. I think doing this meant she was physically tired and mentally tired so by bedtime she was out like a light! Did feel a bit strange sitting with a 9 month old painting and doing play-dough tho!

Hope this helps!

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