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my child is bossy and doesnt listen to her peers. im stuck with what to do.

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redderthanred Wed 18-May-11 18:36:17

Shes 5 and is an only child. Shes very strong willed and likes to be the boss and take control of the situation.

This isnt really helping her make friends and earnt her a slap round the face in class today ( not good and the other child got told off too)

She does rainbows and swimming ( hoping they might help) but according to the teacher she doesnt ask and then listen to what other children say.

Part of me wonders what 5 year old does? but then i need to try and help her. Ive explained SO many times, but that kind of makes no difference, any ideas on what i can do to help?

Perfect example is this slap this afternoon. Apparently one child was picking things up from the floor because it was tidy up time. My DD went over and started picking things up and the other child got cross and slapped her. The teacher said my dd should have asked.

BabbyEdensMummy Wed 18-May-11 19:53:09

i dont think your dd was in the wrong to go over and help pick things up, maybe she was just trying to help, i think its not a lesson for her to learn about been bossy as she wasnt doing anything wrong, also it may just be her personality, little girls can be head strong or mummsie,lol (may see you taking charge or teacher and wants to copy and do the same, maybe she just wants to copy)
maybe you could try sitting her down and talking to her and draw or act out situations of whats right and wrong ways to act (nice and not so nice ways,, snatch a toy off her and say, thats not a nice way to behave, this is how you should, and give it back and then ask her wether you can have the toy first, etc etc, just give different senarios so she can feel what its like been on the recieveing end of her bossiness,lol. good luck smile

jenmelbourne Mon 06-Jun-11 09:37:54

My daughter is 5 1/2, NOT an only child (or at least hasn't been for the last 10 months) and she is extremely bossy. It's just her personality. She can't be someone she's not, no matter how much I try and talk to her about how her bossiness makes the other kids feel.
She does bowling once a week with the kids, and she has to take turns (she's constantly pointing out whose turn it is). In class she's too busy watching what the other kids are doing to actually get her work finished. It's a battle, for sure.

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