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Bum Shuffling/Late Walking

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Jus Mon 01-Oct-01 08:36:49

My 14 month old boy (Zak) is a bum-shuffler (since about 10 months). He doesn't cruise but does (unsucessfully) try to pull himself up (but in a sort of yoga position!). I know rationally that I shouldn't worry but all the other babies in my NCT group are now walking and I feel a bit sad for my boy - he just can't do the same actitives as the other babies. Does anyone have experience/advice on bum-shufflers i.e. what age do they normally walk (I know it's later), is there anything I can do to help?, when should I start worrying? etc. Thanks Jus. PS It's my first time on mumsnet - apologies if I haven't followed 'netiquette'!

Robbie Mon 01-Oct-01 09:53:54

Hi Jus,
A friend of mine's little boy was also a bum-shuffler. By 18 months he could walk quite steadily when holding someone's hand but refused to do so by himself. She and her partner decided to crack it one weekend which they did by holding out chocolate buttons and getting him to walk from one to the other, since that weekend he's not looked back.
I really wouldn't worry, I've known loads of 14 month year olds who don't walk yet and if he's not pulling himself up yet he's just not ready yet. I promise you in a year's time, when he running all over the place, you'll wonder why you were so anxious.
Best of luck.

Marina Mon 01-Oct-01 10:34:32

Jus, a friend of mine had two bottom shufflers (both boys and apparently she was one too) and they were both very late walkers: 18 and 19 months respectively. They are lovely, perfectly healthy and speedy little lads now. The only problem she had was other people's comments and not-so-subtle comparisons. Walking is one of the milestones that they reach when they are physically and psychologically ready for it, so other than being encouraging when he is pulling himself up, I don't think there's anything you can do. Her lads could get round mighty fast on their behinds and even negotiate stairs, so she did not find they missed out on any fun. They were both much happier in the water than their little NCT pals, but that might be a coincidence...
Good luck, he really will be up and around soon and then like lots of us here you will be pining for the days when they stayed where you left them.

Ems Mon 01-Oct-01 11:59:59

Jus, dont worry about it at all. I think botty shufflers are lovely, they can get up to some quick speeds. My sister was one and walked at 20 months and friends baby girl was about the same. Both just got up and did it one day. As with most things, they arent at all bothered and are showing you how they like to do things in their own time.

Inky Mon 01-Oct-01 12:03:43

My dd din't walk till she was 15 months, although not a bum shuffler. I got loads of comments too. The turning point for us was buying shoes. We were always told no shoes till they can walk, & I was dtermined to dollow the 'official line' on everything, but it was winter, she wanted to 'cruise' in the playground but couldn't because of shoes so in the end I had to endure the comments & disapproval of the woman in the shoe shop & as soon as she was able to walk down the street (holding onto mummy & daddy's hands) just half a dozen steps, that was it and she started walking on her own very very quickly.

Still it's almost impossible to avoid worrying and comparisons, but it'll be ok and it'll happen for your son, probably when he decides it's worth it, and he gets that little bit or incentive he needs. I guess the only way you can help is trying to find which particular thing will work for him & get him going, but whatever, he'll be up and about soon enough.
Good luck

Jodee Tue 02-Oct-01 20:49:39

Jus - don't worry! I started a thread a while ago about this (Walking and Feeding Themselves) when I was paranoid about my 13mo son not walking. We were going to go on holiday when he was 15mo and I was hoping he would be walking by then. All of a sudden, just before we went, he got it! I found that because he started walking that bit later, he didn't fall down as much and was steadier on his feet than if he had started younger, and suffered all the bumps and bruises(He is now 18mo and running!)

Ukcanuck Wed 03-Oct-01 09:57:29

my little girl didn't even bum shuffle, or roll over, or pull herself up. If we pulled her to sitting she would sit and sit and sit for ages, happy as a clam - if she couldn't get to something she wanted, she would just want something she _could_ get! Ditto walking - if we pulled her to standing she would walk along holding our hands, but never EVER pulled herself up and started the process going on her own. Finally, at 17 months she suddenly got it and has been fine since (she's now 3.5). We've noticed since that this is a character trait for her - she doesn't like to do something unless she knows she can do it, so it takes her a bit longer to get started. So the upshot is, don't worry. Your little boy will get there in the end, and if he's happy at the way he gets around, there's no need for you not to be. All the best!

Eulalia Sun 07-Oct-01 20:08:28

Jus - my son was an extremely adept bum shuffler. He took his first steps at 15 months. I found a push along baby walker helped to get him off his bum. Although I wasn't in a hurry for him to walk really as I loved seeing him bottom shuffing. It is actually really good for muscle development as it uses the stomach muscles and leg muslces very well. Also my son used his arms to throw himself forward (he didn't 'cheat' by pushing himself with his hands) so he exercised his arms as well.

There's plenty of time for him to catch up with other activities - he won't miss them.

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