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mama923 Tue 22-Mar-11 21:46:16

hi girls my hv recomended using colief colic drops, just wondered if theyd worked for any of you and how long they took to work?

Tigresswoods Tue 22-Mar-11 22:05:48

Not me but my friend was having a mare with her newborn till she got some of this. Swears by it.

matana Wed 23-Mar-11 08:53:57

I was told by the pharmacist that of all the colic relief treatments available, Colief is believed to be the most effective by many parents. It didn't work for us, but that's probably because we were told by everyone our son had colic when in fact he didn't. hmm

thrifty Wed 23-Mar-11 09:28:03

worked for us, when dp was a baby :-)

thrifty Wed 23-Mar-11 09:29:04

ds not dp :-)

Am36butfeel66 Wed 23-Mar-11 23:55:33

My dd used it along with comfort milk and was also put on Zantac for colic and silent reflux. The combination of the 3 worked a treat.

Make sure you get dr to prescribe it as it is quite expensive for such a tiny bottle. Using it is a bit of a hastle but as my dd screamed from 6am till 12am every day for 6 months, a bit of hastle waiting for colief to work in the milk before my dd could have it was nothing.

kitcat83 Thu 24-Mar-11 15:58:08

I used this with my very colicky DS and it worked amazingly :-)

Oblomov Thu 24-Mar-11 17:21:45

colief is the best. i think becasue it is the most expensive, it puts most people off. they have heard of infacol and gripe water more. and gripe so much cheaper.
most people 'in the know' recommend it. a bit like metanium, for nappy rash. by far the most expensive, but by far the best.

Flowerbomb Thu 24-Mar-11 19:13:24

Yes absolutely swear by it, the day I bought Colief and the Dr Brown bottles arrived my daughter went from screaming from 4pm til 3am every single day to sleeping from about 8 til about 7. Magic, absolute magic.

twinkytonk Thu 24-Mar-11 20:22:16

We used ot for ds who also had silent reflux and was on gaviscon and ranitidine. The combination of the three was perfect!

theanimalswentintwobytwo Fri 25-Mar-11 23:04:18

Aptamil Comfort Milk, Colief, Infacol and NUK baby bottles and teets.

Took a few weeks but the results were evident.

My GP wouldn't prescribe Colief for me, she said something about it being Black Listed because there was no proof it actually works.

Good luck...Colic and Reflux are so, so, so hard to cope with.

mygirlmonica2008 Wed 15-Jun-11 10:41:53

Colief worked wonders for us. Our baby struggled to digest milk and would cry for hours, day and night. This was the only thing that provided her with relief. Yes, it's not the simplest to administer if you're breastfeeding as it involves frequent expressing and sterilising, but anyone who has suffered with a baby who can't digest properly will know it's a small price to pay for restoring some normality.
I was given 4 bottles on prescription once we had established that it was working.

Lis1 Wed 15-Jun-11 13:15:43

Colief was by far the only thing that worked for DS. Doctor prescribed it a few times for me but we also bought it in between. Expensive but well worth it for me.

c00kiemonster Wed 15-Jun-11 13:44:45

We started using colief on our little one a week and a half ago after a colicky weekend. She's got better since although I wouldn't be confident enough yet to say that a) she's over all the screaming or b) that it's been down to the colief. She's four weeks old btw

MEBMotherof3 Wed 15-Jun-11 19:46:43

Didn't work for my colicky 9 week old sad. Recommended by health visitor, followed instructions to the letter (easier for bottle fed babies), no noticeable difference in the hours and hours of screaming! Rang the manufacturers helpline who said that I should see an effect within 24-48 hours. None of the colic treatments have done anything, just waiting for her to grow out if it now sad

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