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what age did u take stabilisers off bike?

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abcdefghijk Tue 22-Mar-11 17:38:38

ds(5) is confident riding bike now and im thinking about taking the stabilisers off.just worried it will knock his confidence if he not ready?will he pick up how to balance easily enough at this age?or too young?ive really not got a clue

ChippingInMistressSteamMop Tue 22-Mar-11 17:40:49

Take them off - the earlier the better while they are less scared about stuff and more confident about life They seem to bounce better the younger they are too!

RightUpMyRue Tue 22-Mar-11 17:41:44

Think DD was about 6. She learned very quickly without them, a matter of a couple weeks and now she tears around on it, standing up, one handed...

Bonkerz Tue 22-Mar-11 17:45:35

DD was 5 in December and we took the stabilisers off about 3 weeks ago and she is now riding happily without help and her falling off has now dropped to once when she goes out on her bike!
DS on the otherhand was nearly 7 before he rode his bike without stabilisers and DSD was 6 when we took her stabilisers off but she just refused to ride her bike till she was nearly 8 LOL

abcdefghijk Tue 22-Mar-11 18:09:05

i might give it ago this weekend then,can i expect him to pick it up quick?hes a bit of a cry baby when he falls over and 'cant do it' is one of his favourite phrases lol

kbaby Tue 22-Mar-11 22:59:16

we kept dd's on as she wasnt confident to have them off and then when she was 6 we went on holidays where there was a bike with no stabalisers. We turned round and there she was riding it, no falling off nothing! I was convinced she mustv been having secret lessons DH said she was clearly just ready to do it.

DS is 4 now and I plan on just leaving him until he asks to have a go. Hopefully it will be as easily as DD if I just leave him to decide when hes ready.

LawrieMarlow Tue 22-Mar-11 23:03:25

DS was about 4.5. DD is 5.5 and not ready yet.

Meglet Tue 22-Mar-11 23:04:00

DS is 4.5 and he doesn't even have a bike yet blush.

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 23-Mar-11 07:33:43

DD was around five I think. She is confident on her bike but really, really oblivious to others around her. She wants to ride it to school but she has no chance despite the abundance of cycle lanes. (Belgium)

malovitt Wed 23-Mar-11 07:40:36

All mine could ride their bikes without stabilisers at 3 yrs old.

I have a long flat driveway which helped and we had plenty of practice every day after nursery.

All the neighbours send their kids to me to learn now.

flimflammery Wed 23-Mar-11 07:50:09

Just successfully took them off DS's bike, he's 5. What really helped was getting a good sense of balance using a two-wheeled scooter (we scoot to school). I thought it would take a while but he got it in half an hour, turning corners and everything.

Get elbow and knee pads though, for the early weeks!

exoticfruits Wed 23-Mar-11 07:51:44

It depeds entirely on the DC. My DC1 could do it at 3 yrs but DC2 was nearly 7yrs.

coogar Wed 23-Mar-11 09:50:38

4 years for both my sons. Do it on grass to begin with so any fall is cushioned. Good luck !! smile

abcdefghijk Mon 28-Mar-11 21:11:32

took stabilisers off saturday, he went down with a crash on first attempt and wouldnt try again.refuses to even get on.
Ive heard about gradually raising stabilisers higher n higher has anyone else tried that?
Ive put them back on for now,hopefully he will get his confidence back.

ChippingInMistressSteamMop Mon 28-Mar-11 23:07:36


You do realise you have to do the hard parenting bit here and run along side the bike holding onto him for a few goes....? Give him a push to start etc...

abcdefghijk Tue 29-Mar-11 09:30:14

yeah thats wat i done,could feel he was balancin on his own so let go,he done it for about 10yds on own with me still runnin beside him.
I thought he done well and praised him etc.hes just point blank refusin to get back on

annoyingdevil Tue 29-Mar-11 10:25:39

4 for DD. Suspect it may be later for DS who has less co-ordination

kbaby Tue 29-Mar-11 23:06:27

Abc... that's what happened when I tried to teach dd. She just refused to yet again, out the stabilisers back on for now and just wait until they ask to try again. Hell do it when hes ready. We were told to make one stabilizer higher than the other so that its only the one keeping them upright and also creates a bit of wobble to help them balance

abcdefghijk Wed 30-Mar-11 19:12:54

doesnt that make them rely on on the one n make them lean to that side?my uncle told me to just take the one off which i think is a silly idea lol
Ill ask him in few weeks see how he feels about trying again

pointydog Wed 30-Mar-11 19:20:21

dd1 was almost 5

dd2 was a few months off 4.

5goingon13 Wed 30-Mar-11 20:52:45

We have just taken ds (5.2) stabilisers off. After a few crashes into the wall he seems to have got the hang of it. He did the I can't do it, I don't want to anymore. I told him we had to keep going so that we could go fetch the stabiliser. By the time we got back to the stabiliser he was smiling and laughing. The main problem we still have is that he's not sure how to pedal off.
Op, we took 1 stabiliser off for a while so he had to try and learn balancing. DH thinks it helped him.

foxtrotyankee Thu 01-Nov-12 10:53:33

Can't believe no one seems to be mentioning balance bikes. We got one, a cheap one, not some fancy posh wooden one, for our son when he was 2.5 and he loved it so much,we got him a proper bike with stabilisers last Christmas. Then a few months ago he wanted the stabilisers off, influenced by peppa pig and charlie and lola episodes. He can just about do it, just turned 4 now, but he needs help starting off, and doesn't have the confidence to want to go out on proper flat paths - instead he wants to do it on our muddy, wet lawn, which makes it harder for him.

BardOfBarking Thu 01-Nov-12 11:22:37

No stabilisers here - balance bike straight to real bike at 3.5 yrs. Older children did have stabilisers ds off at 4 yrs dd almost 6.

Differentangle Fri 02-Nov-12 11:43:06

Like Bard - no stabilisers moved straight from balance bike to real bike.

Biscuitsneeded Fri 02-Nov-12 18:35:07

Never had any. Balance bike, then real bike on 4th birthday which he rode immediately. DS2 however is 5 and a half, very unco-ordinated and still struggling with riding a bike. I refuse to get stabilisers now!

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