Early teething?

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leftblank Mon 14-Mar-11 12:32:28

Could my 12 week old be teething? He has always been a happy baby but his mood has changed the last couple of weeks. Today is the first time he has been inconsolable with me ever. TBF it was only for about 15 mins but for him that is a LOT!
He likes nothing more then to be chewing on things especially my finger. He has list his (massive!) appetite and is more dribbly.
My OH doesn't seem to think it is but I think this is probably because MIL has not suggested it (gggrrrr)

longislandicetea Mon 14-Mar-11 13:22:38

My DS got his first tooth at 12 weeks. He had previously been terrible night and day and I could not explain it. Then suddenly I noticed the tooth starting to show, which was some what a relief as I suddenly realised why he had been so grumpy.

I have been told that when you get your teeth is hereditory. His aunty got her first tooth at 6 weeks!

CardyMow Tue 15-Mar-11 12:27:41

YES. It is possible. While my eldest 2 dc got their first tooth at 11 months (dd) and 10 months (ds1), my dc with my current partner got their first teeth incredibly early. Ds2 got his first tooth at 11 1/2 weeks, and just yesterday, ds3 cut his first tooth through his gum (verified by two different health visitors!)...he's 7* *WEEKS old!! DS3 had been sleeping 12midnight-3am and 3.30am-6.30am since one week old, until a week ago when he stopped sleeping, got really screamy every night etc etc - I put it down to colic as you don't think abpout a 7 week old baby teething FFS!

But he bit me while I was feeding him yesterday, and on closer inspection, he has a tooth that is fully through the gum, it was confirmed at baby clinic yesterday, and re-confirmed by a different HV today at his 6-8wk check.

It's funny that my two dc that have different dads got their first teeth really late, like my side of the family, and the two dc with DP have BOTH got their first teeth exceptionally early. <<Makes note to ask MIL when DP got his first tooth...>>

leeloo1 Tue 15-Mar-11 12:36:09

My DS started teething at 10-12 weeks (bright red cheeks - sometimes just 1 or the other), dribbling, knawing etc and carried on til he got his teeth at 10 months! Argh! Apparently lots of tooth movement can happen before you see any sign of them.

mamsnet Tue 15-Mar-11 12:53:56

Apparently i had three teeth at three months! And My DD had her first at 4 months.. She was definitely showing all the classic signs before three months..

IslaValargeone Tue 15-Mar-11 12:58:28

Yes my dc had first tooth at 11 weeks also, and then got one every month following. She never really seemed to be bothered by it, and I always feel quite thankful that we bypassed the horrendous teething stage that some poor kids experience later on.

Firawla Tue 15-Mar-11 13:37:32

I dont think it's that early! because they start that around that age then it may take ages for the teeth to come through, but the teething pain starts earlier while the gums are hardening etc?
so I would say it is v likely it could be teething, yes
I hope he does not have too bad a time of it.

leftblank Fri 18-Mar-11 12:18:58

Thank you all! You have put my mind at rest x

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