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20 month old hitting me.

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thelittlestkiwi Sun 16-Jan-11 23:51:19

My DD is generally a lovely baby and very well bonded to me and DP. But she has started hitting when I go to get her out of her high chair or car seat. I know she is desperate to get out but when she hits me I stop and say NO! Yesterday she hit me, then DH went to get her and she was fine with him. He obviously says it is something I'm doing.... She does throw a good tantrum too which I try to ignore.

Any ideas/strategies to deal with it? She uses a few words and babbles a lot. But appears to understand most of what I say to her.

lindsell Mon 17-Jan-11 00:02:20

My 21mo ds also has phases of hitting me/pulling my hair, I've tried saying no and moving away/moving him away but he just giggles and thinks it's a game. My current strategy is to say no you do not hit mummy and immediately hold on to his wrists (not tightly just so he can't release himself) so that he can't hit and can't get away, I explain to him (simply!) why I'm holding him, he hates being restrained like that, I usually do it for about a minute and then remind him not to hit and let him go, so far he hasn't repeated the hitting once I've let him
go. It hasn't stopped it completely but he's better than he was!

He's also much better behaved with dh!

Good luck with your dd, I'm hoping it's just a phase...

thelittlestkiwi Mon 17-Jan-11 00:11:02

That sounds like a good plan. I'll give it a try tonight. I've just started back at work and wonder if that is part of the issue. Just as well I also get hugs and kisses!

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