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2 year old stripping off in Pizza Express...and other toddler joys!

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blanchedevereaux Sun 16-Jan-11 20:06:42

My 26 month old seems to be going through a "phase" of defiance and general pushing the boundaries. Yesterday, she stripped down to her bodysuit in Pizza Express (under the table where I couldn't get her).

I'm 40 wks pregnant with number 2 so I don't think I have my usual level of patience (or mobility - see restaurant experience above) but she just completely ignores simple instructions when she just doesn't want to do something. It's all a game. Her speech is very good so she does understand what she is being told to do.

I suppose I'm just after some reassurance that this is normal. What should I do when she won't follow the simplest requests ("put your jascket on", for example)?

DC2 is really going to go down well!

PieMinister Sun 16-Jan-11 20:22:08

DC1 is 24 months and is absolutely going through defiance like this. Nappy changes, clothes changes, nail clipping, baths, hair brushing, face washing is all a battle ground. She, too, had great language - and a fiendishly pleased/cheeky grin while she is up to all this ... grin

MrsNoggin Sun 16-Jan-11 20:23:46

Of course it's normal! You know it is grin. And gosh are you brave, going out for pizza express with a 2yo and a full-size bump.

Have you tried talking to her? I know that might sound silly, but my DD decided to start her terrible twos when I had the worst morning sickness. I decided to sit her down and explain that I felt poorly and when she was naughty it made me sad. I added that it made me happy when she did as she was asked and helped me. I wasn't sure if it was sinking in, but she definitely got better!

blanchedevereaux Mon 17-Jan-11 09:37:59

Thanks for the replies.

I will try the heart to heart. I think sometimes it's probably my patience level rather than her. I suppose I should see the positive side and at least she is confident, happy and assertive! grin.

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