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9mo never lies down

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browneyesblue Thu 13-Jan-11 22:08:07

I was at a friend's house today, and her 7 month old DS and my 9 month old DS were playing. I noticed that her DS quite often crawled over for a cuddle, or lay down on the floor while smiling up at us (if that makes sense)

I suddenly realised that I have never seen my DS lie down - is that normal? Even at night he is reluctant to lie down. Although he is put down while he is awake, my DH or I have to lay him down repeatedly otherwise he just crawls around his cot - sometimes for hours!

He can play happily by himself, but he never seems to be calm, and has never taken it upon himself to lie down, or snuggle up.

He has always played quite frantically, as if he has never seen a toy before, and while he doesn't get too upset when it's time for the toys to go away, they have his entire attention.

Anyone else had this?

justalittleblackraincloud Fri 14-Jan-11 09:45:46

I think they're all different. My DD has never been particularly cuddly. Although in the last couple of months (she's nearly 18 months now) she has started to give cuddles and kisses to people.

We babywear, so we do get a lot of closeness anyway. But I do admit I've felt a pang of jealousy before when looking at babies who just pop over to their mum's to get a cuddle!

DD hasn't stopped moving since she was 7 months!

browneyesblue Fri 14-Jan-11 18:34:00

Oh well - I guess I've just got one of the 'movers' then grin

Thanks justalittle

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