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Nightmare nappy changes

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RalphGnu Thu 13-Jan-11 09:57:12

I am covered in poo. My 12 month old son is covered in poo. Ditto the carpet and there's a suspicious brown mark on the sofa. Wet nappies aren't a prob, he'll lie there happily while I change him but as soon as I whip a dirty nappy off, he flips over to his front and tries to wriggle off and he's SO STRONG. He only started doing this a week ago but I feel such dread now every time I catch that whiff and know it's time for a nappy change. I've tried everything; tummy tickling, distraction with toys and the tv. The only thing that worked was Momo's song from 'Show Me Show Me' but sodding DP has deleted it from the planner.

Please help. I actually cried before because I shouted at him so loud and he went hysterical. Scared I'm going to slap him soon. blush

AlaskaHQ Thu 13-Jan-11 10:59:15

I sympathise - my son (now 4) could be like this too.

Firstly, if you possibly can, DON'T do nappy changes in the living room, or anywhere carpetted, especially if scenes like this happen. Bathroom, with the door firmly closed (so no messy 12 month old running off into the rest of the house), where everything can be wiped clean a lot more easily.

(We also do painting in the bathroom ... again no-one can run out of the room without being wiped clean first.)

Re distraction, it can be a complete nightmare, again my son was just like this. Occasionally singing to him worked - two run throughs of the ABC song in our case. Or sometimes letting him hold the box of wipes.

Other trick we found was to lie the toddler on his back, hold both ankles together (gently but firmly) with one hand, then other hand is free to do the wiping/cleaning.

And make sure everything is ready and close to hand before you start ... even trying to pull wipes out one by one from the packet is difficult with one hand, so I would take 4 or so out before I started.

bunnyfrance Thu 13-Jan-11 11:10:00

I have one of those too, he's 16 months. I have to find different things to entertain him while nappy changing - at the moment, it's throwing a towel over him. It amuses him to hide behind it, this lasts about 2 minutes, but it's enough time to change the nappy. Doesn't work every time, though, but it's worth a try?

OhNoNotTheHoneyBabies Thu 13-Jan-11 12:49:42

My DS (20 mo) has been like this too. I've pretty much had to completely convert to pull up nappies as he won't lie down any more and just runs off!

Is your DS pulling himself up to standing yet? If he is then it seems much easier to do changes standing up with him bending over your knee for wiping (with you kneeling beside him).

I also find that if you can grab an ankle/foot and force him to stand on one leg (while supporting himself on something) then he can't run off and you can get a leg into a pull up!! grin Work for me....!!!! grin wink

OffToNarnia Thu 13-Jan-11 13:26:20

I use pull ups on my 18month old due to amazing escaping bottom antics. I agree getting wet wipes out first important. My wriggler lays face down over my lap during pooh nappy changes..gave up on mats long ago..

Aloneinthehouse Thu 13-Jan-11 13:31:44

What I used to do was basically pin my ds's arms down gently with my feet also make sure everything was there ready to go before I had even laid them down

catwhiskers10 Fri 14-Jan-11 13:12:08

DD (10.5 months) has started doing this too. She can't walk yet but is too strong to pin down and either rolls or crawls away.
The only solution I have found so far is to stand her at the coffee table while I clean her standing up. It's awkward but has saved getting poo on the carpet so far.

eastegg Fri 14-Jan-11 13:30:15

I really sympathise. I've been having nightmare nappy changes with my 20mo boy for a while now. Basically he wants to roll over and stand up and he's too strong to stop. Sometimes I can just about keep hold of his ankles but he's twisting to the side and it hurts my arm sooo much I sometimes want to cry. If it's a wee I just let him stand up for cleaning but have to get him on his back for the new nappy (on reusables and can't really put them on standing up, or at least not unless he stood exactly how I wanted him to which he wouldn't. If it's a poo there's no way I can do it standing up and it's a total nightmare as he wrestles with me and puts his hands in the poo etc.

The only things that I seem to be able to do to help are to let him do what he wants as much as I can, he then seems happier to lie down for a bit, distract madly with toys and singing (but sometimes that doesn't work at all) and just hang on in there holding his feet and speaking firmly until he eventually lets me win. It's so hard.

I think distraction now only really works if there's a novelty element, so the same old toys don't work, and he's loads better with other people in other surroundings (grrr). He's also fine at nursery.

DrSeuss Fri 14-Jan-11 14:17:31

I tried all of the above before trying the Rabbitt Mat, also sometimes sold as a safety mat. -use-with-without-chg-unit-/310179580870?pt=UK_Bab y_Baby_Changing_Baby_Changing_Mats_LE&hash=item483 824cbc6

You may think I'm cruel but it radically cut the time he was on the mat and the general distress to all concerned!

13lucky Fri 14-Jan-11 14:24:34

Yep I am with DrSeuss and also have one of saved my life!! My ds was being a nightmare from 4 months old when he learnt to roll...and he was so strong even then that nappy changes were a nightmare. The mat is brilliant and well worth every penny! Now he is 2.3 years and just lies perfectly still so I no longer need to strap him in.

Al1son Fri 14-Jan-11 15:18:47

If that mat is cruel so is a pushchair and a car seat. If it works there's no reason not to use it. You can still do the rewarding and entertaining so hopefully your DC learns that screaming and writhing don't help but it can be a process they enjoy.

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