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Vocabulary good, but uses no verbs?

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montmartre Wed 12-Jan-11 23:29:15

My DS speaks fairly clearly, and can get his point across well, but uses no verbs, not really any I can think of (other than 'gone')

He is almost 2, has been speaking since 5mo (Papa, Mama), uses lots of nouns ('Me', 'car', 'train', 'pencil', 'nappy', animals, people's names etc), knows all his colours (inc 'grey', 'purple' etc) some numbers, words such as 'mine', 'again', etc and he is starting to link words- eg 'black cat', 'police car', 'book again'... but he uses no verbs I can think of ever.

Is this usual?

(My first child was a late talker- not even Mama or Papa until over 19mo, but then used full sentences almost straight away)

He will say things such as 'Farm... me... again... animals...' meaning he wants to go and see the animals at the farm again, or 'Nana... cats... name of cat... me'

He uses 'kiss' but more as a noun IYSWIM.

We (DH, DD and myself) all speak normally to him, always have, with full sentences... will he just get it eventually? Do we need to emphasise verbs to him when we address him? Sorry to be vague, but I have no idea on speech milestones other than '2 at 2, 3 words at 3'... and they don't actually say if that is using verbs correctly!


Flojo1979 Wed 12-Jan-11 23:36:00

Sounds like hes talking perfectly normally for his age, if not advanced, by knowing colours and linking words. Verbs are usually the last words to come. I wouldnt expect a child to use verbs til much later. Gone is usually the first one they use. My DD is 2y2m and she says up and down for which ever way she wants to go but otherwise its mainly nouns.

montmartre Wed 12-Jan-11 23:47:42

Thank you! I am just unsure because DD spoke like a 40 yo maiden aunt from the start hmm

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