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Please reassure me my 3yr old is normal and my parenting is good enough...

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Mobly Tue 11-Jan-11 22:09:56

or not?

I took my nearly 3yr old DS to a party today, late afternoon, along with my 14mth old. I contemplated just taking DS1 but felt it was unfair on DS2 to leave him out so took the plunge and took both.

I found it really difficult watching both boys- I find it hard in other people's houses because DS2 is into everything and there was lots that I had to stop him getting into- hot oven, other people plates and drinks at baby height, DVD and DVD's etc.

DS1 I mostly left to his own devices as he night be a pain at times but he no longers hits, pushes.

Alot of the time I was hovering over DS1 preventing him from opening the birthday child's presents, blowing very wet rasberries, generally trying to sit on her, destroy a train track that another child was playing with... he was so over excited it was ridiculous.

The other children there of the same age were much calmer. Makes me feel a bit shit sometimes. He can be so sweet at times but I find in company he completely ignores me.

I think the other parent's at the party probably thought he was wild and I was crap.

mcv1 Tue 11-Jan-11 22:26:28

do you know what, i doubt very much that parents at the party thought you were crap, i bet they though ah bless her she's got her hands full.
your ds sounds very similar to my son, and because my dd is so good i feel sometimes all the attention is on ds esp when we are out and about.
It is hard, but as they get older it will become easier.
Give yourself a break dont be so hard on yourself. x

TheSleepFairy Tue 11-Jan-11 22:33:33

He is normal & you are not a crap parent.

My friends little boy is such a handfull when we go out (he is placid, easy going & humerous at my house & his own home)
She constantly compares him to my daughter who as a 3rd child is so laid back I have to check her gcs levels twice a day!!!

It was a party, he was excited, don't beat yourself up.

Mobly Tue 11-Jan-11 22:46:21

Thank you. That really helps. I think my blood pressure is finally coming down now grin

Honestly I got in from the party- we had been there 2 hours- and I felt drained. I am a worrier and sometimes I let silly things get me down.

DS1 is starting pre-school in April and I really want him to behave nicely. When do they learn that it's just not nice to try and sit so close to another child that you're virtually on top of them? The other child moved 3 times, I told him each time but was holding DS2 and there were people in the way.

TheSleepFairy Tue 11-Jan-11 22:50:36

My DD also starts in April.
I'm worried about her to as she is so independent & as much as I can oversee her whilst in my care I have no idea how she will behave without my watchfull eye helping her along!!

Your little boy sounds very friendly & I don't doubt he will quickly make lots of friends who won't be shy in telling him to "move over" lol

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