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DS aged 3 not bothered about being a "big boy"

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bumbums Tue 11-Jan-11 17:31:21

This sounds crazy even as I'm writing but, just to check if we're normal ...
DS has taken about 9mths to 'get' potty training and he still is slow to go to the toilet when its a poo.
He doesn't like change and loves routine. So he's very thrown by any big events like Christmas, starting pre-school etc.
He's not interested in learning to dress and undress him self, to use a knife, or how to hold a pencil properly. He'll be starting primary school in September and these are things I'd like him to have got the hang of.
Its a way of yet but thought I'd get my worrying in early! hmm

loler Tue 11-Jan-11 17:42:25

You said it - still ages away. My ds1 was really lazy about potty training - didn't click until he was 3.5. Couldn't be bothered to dress himself and (now 5) still can't be bothered to use a knife and fork properly. I had huge worries after very able DD. He's now in his second year and coping really well.

Reception breaks them into school life well - if they need more help they do get it.

That said my ds2 is an august baby and goes this september - he's so little and my last dc - I'm so worried about him settling in. But I think everyone worries - That's just being a mum!

ps DD starts swimming with school on Thursday - I'm worrying about that too....

Lastyearsmodel Tue 11-Jan-11 17:51:34

Don't stress - all sounds quite normal to me. The dressing and undressing will come in time and he'll learn the rest at school (and probably v quickly when he sees the otherws doing it).

All kids I know love routine and get thrown by changes. Spend the time before school having fun together - DD1 started in Sept and it feels like she's never at home.

Flowergarden1 Tue 11-Jan-11 20:33:37

My son grew in independence hugely when he started reception in September. Suddenly insisted on doing for himself all sorts of stuff that I'd had to do for him before.

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