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Eating too much?!

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anon1110 Tue 11-Jan-11 12:52:27


My son is 27 months and has a VERY good appetite!

I mean he would eat all day if I let him, if I ever dont know where he is, he is likely to be in the fridge!

He is very heavy at 92cms tall he is over 2.5 stone, and im fed up of people telling me how much he eats, he doesnt look chubby, he actually looks skinny but is very heavy to pick up!

He has 3 meals a day, which arent huge plus healthy snacks. But he constantly wants more food, and if I ever take him anywhere people see that he wants food and keep giving it to him, then have the cheek to tell me he is overfed!

Is this normal, and does anyone else have a child like this, cos all I ever read about are kids that dont eat!

BabyGiraffes Tue 11-Jan-11 17:53:11

Don't want you to go unanswered... both mine are heavy to pick up and dd1 also looked chubby when she was younger (now 3.6) but they both follow the percentiles, ie. yes they were on the heavy side but it was matched by their height. Oh, and until she was 3 dd1 would frequently embarrass me by eating everything put in front of her and then asking for more/eating other children's leftovers smile. Your LO sounds fine and imo it's much better to have a good eater than a child that won't eat!! grin

Firawla Tue 11-Jan-11 19:33:54

eating 3 meals and day and healthy snacks seems okay, if he keeps asking more when he's out perhaps just need to put your foot down and tell them and him that no he has had enough.
mine (30 months) can be like that if he's out and sees some food that looks more exciting than the norm (cakes etc) he would keep asking and asking and if people give it to him he would eat his way through loads! but at meals times he is not a bigger than average eater. so i think its a case of making sure those things are not too readily available if yours is the same with that?
92cm is very tall for his age so obviously he is going to be quite heavy, if he looks skinny then wouldnt be too worried? not sure how much 2.5 is in kilo so i cant quite picture it whether its too much for his height? but if his weight and height percentiles match i wouldnt be too worried, at 92cm he must be @ the top of his percentile for height im sure cos mine is also 92 and a couple of months older

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