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won't join in

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wedgeitt Mon 10-Jan-11 18:48:14

My son who is 4 next month goes to preschool 15 hours a week. He has been having problems interacting with other children and isnt showing signs of being able to make friends. He does love to be with other kids but behaves boisterously sometimes and then other times wants to play on his own or seeks out one of the teahers to sit with.
He doesnt concentrate too well and finds it pretty impossible to sit down at carpet time. Today he had his xmas concert (it was postponed cos school was shut when it snowed)
He wouldnt wear his costume and started crying and came and sat with me. Someone from SENCO is observing him on Thursday and then they have a meeting with us.
Any body got any ideas as to what might be going on here?
He is such a sociable boy usually, always saying hello to people but there is obviously somehing not right.

Tgger Mon 10-Jan-11 19:33:36

Does he know the children at preschool well? I mean does he know any of them from outside preschool- have playdates etc etc?

Does he interact with other children other than at pre-school- friends children etc?

I only ask as my DS was similar to yours when we moved house and didn't know the children. He was also very reluctant to join in. Once he got to know everyone a bit more he settled down and joined in. Also, as he's got older he's really improved. I wasn't that worried as when we met old friends he was fine, very relaxed and interacting really well.

Could be your boy does have needs that could do with support, if so hopefully SENCO will help. Hope the meeting goes well.

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