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separation anxiety @ 4 /

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mcv1 Sun 09-Jan-11 20:48:10

Hi all needing a little help. I will keep this as short as possible.
My son was 4 in December.
He is very sweet, loving, has always been into everything and very strong willed.
He started nursary when he was 3 and quite enjoyed it. 6 months ago he started getting himself in a tizzy when i left.
He would grab on to me and nursary staff would have to hold him, ( kicking & screaming) while i left. One i had gone he was ok.
In the last 3 months during the day he would get tearfull and ask where i was.
Last week he started school, in wales we start earlier, he does every school day to lunch time for 4 weeks then starting full time.
Unfortunately last week my son and daughter were ill and only had 1 day in school.
Tonight he has already started getting upset, he doesnt want to go, and i know i will get it for 2 hrs in the morning. It is quite stressfull.
I get alot of advice how i am too soft with him, how he is manipulating me but no helpfull advice on how to deal with it and move on.
I believe he is suffering seperation anxiety but i also believe he is playing on it and making the situation worse for me and himself.
Can some one please help me

MrsT2b Sun 09-Jan-11 21:06:34

Hi Claire

They really like to pull at the heart strings!

My little boy is 3 and a half and a real mummies boy! He recently moved nursery to accommodate my DD starting school and I had 3 or 4 weeks of having to wrestle him out of the car and into nursery! He did settle down eventually and now runs into nursery, although I do get the 'I don't want to go' beforehand. I'm sure you're little one will settle down eventually, try to stay strong when he's upset knowing he'll be fine the minute you're out of sight.

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