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2.5 year old with a vivid imagination - unlike his sibling

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SkyBluePearl Sun 09-Jan-11 19:08:55

My eldest has always been very straight forward, quiet, like a some imaginative play, is more so in the real factual world, adores books and his friends.

My second is 2.5 has continual verbal diarrhea and is the king of random. He seems to live in his imagination alot of the time and is always making things up about having verucas, funny things he has seen, what people have said etc. I must say he is very entertaining but if he was older i'd be very concerned as I really really hate lying. I know at this age his imagination is running riot but also wonder what he will be like in 5 years time? I hope he will work out whats real and whats not at some point.

It's just so strange how two children from the same genetic gene pool can be so different.

Tgger Sun 09-Jan-11 20:16:45

He sounds like my son, now 4, who is also very imaginative. King of random as well.

The good news is that as he's got older he swaps between imaginary world and real world quite easily and knows the difference. For a while we had to ask him "is that in the real world or Thomas world?", and he would understand and anwer. It's a lot more obvious now.

However, I took him swimming yesterday and he seemed to be the only kid swimming in "the sea" with "sharks" etc etc smile.

I would say enjoy it while it lasts, they settle down by 5 I think!!!

Roo83 Sun 09-Jan-11 22:56:33

You have both described my ds (2.7) perfectly! He loves playing games where we fly to the moon,meet his friends the big bad wolf (who apparently drives a Porsche) and monkey. Very random, very cute and hopefully something he'll grow out of before his 18th birthday!

izpie Mon 10-Jan-11 11:21:43

My dd, 3.7, is the same- on the drive to nursery we are sharks/aliens/cats etc etc and every day I have to be a giraffe/frog/train/fish/pirate and on and on. very lovely but also quite tiring! My nephew was the same, is now 12 and spends less time in imaginary world but the verbal onslaught is still very much with us grin

SkyBluePearl Mon 10-Jan-11 14:53:37

thanks girls. I really am enjoying him with all his quirks but its nice to know its all normal too.

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