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Flying with a 5 month old

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Becs82 Sun 09-Jan-11 12:11:59

I am taking my 5 month old on a 10 hr flight on my own. I am looking for suggestions on keeping her occupied and calm on the plane. Wondering what essentials I will need to take? Also when we arrive its going to be an 8 hr time difference any ideas on how to help her get over the jet lag?

BlueberryPancake Sun 09-Jan-11 20:34:52

It's not too bad at 5 months old. Are you leaving on a night flight? Plenty to drink of course, and standard toys, a few new toys. If weaned some snacks (bread sticks are good as they keep baby occupied). Whatever you need for sleep (favorite blanket or soft toy). In any case I would bring a small blanket (might make it easier for you if she falls asleep and you want to get off the plane). Carry everything in one backpack, in which you will also be able to fit your handbag (you don't want to carry more than one bag, and wheely bags are really not practical as you can't push the buggy and pull it at the same time). DSs loved baby books so I had a few of those.

Nappies/wipes obviously, a bib or two, change of clothes (i would bring two changes top to bottom, including a pyjama).

I'm afraid jet lag you just have to go with the flow and if it's possible for you to sleep as she is asleep during the day, even if it means that it will take you longer to get over the jetlag yourself.

I fly to Canada and it's normally an afternoon flight to go and night flight return. Last time I did it on my own with my two boys, who were 2 and 3.5. It's hard but feasible.

Make sure you have a drink ready for take off and landing as she might cry because her ears will pop. Drinking will help her getting over that bit.

I also remember having sheets of stickers which kept my DSs busy for ages at take off. I just put stickers on their hands and on my hands and we just played with that.

Do you have a fabric sling? if it's a small one it might be useful. I used to have a ring sling and it was useful to get on / off flight.

Also, check the allowance for a buggy some airlines only take small (umbrella fold) buggies. Let me know if you have any other questions I'll do my best. BP

FindingStuffToChuckOut Mon 10-Jan-11 11:58:08

I've flown to UK from NZ with a 5 month old (2 x 12 hour flights) - it's pretty easy at this age.

Dress baby (and yourself) in really comfy clothes & take a couple of changes. They do have nappies on plane but they aren't great so take plenty of your own.

You should get a cot on the flight which is great for baby to sit, play & sleep but be prepared when the seatbelts sign is on you will need to have baby on your lap whether she is asleep or not. I also took cotton cellular blanket but they do have blankets on the plane.

I found other children on the flight all stopped for a chat/play with DD which she loved, small toys are easy to carry for amusement & when all else failed DD enjoyed watching a cartoon or 2 without sound (I cottoned on to this as she was peering at the screen used by the kids next to us - but this was on the 2nd of the 12 hours flights).

Depending on the time of day she may sleep for a lot of the flight. At 5 months DD slept for majortiy of our first 12 hour flight which was a night flight.

I was BF and did this take off & landing. If not BF then have drinks ready for baby to have at these times - staff are pretty good with parents & babies in my experience & will take your meal tray quickly & bring it to you first etc.

I also found a sling useful in getting to & from the plane (rather than a buggy). I had sling & small backpack - be warned some airports (ie Terminal 3 at Heathrow) don't bring the buggy to the plane - I was well stuffed up by that after 26 hours of travelling with sleeping 2yo. Thank goodness I had the sling with me then!!!!!!!!!!

Re jet lag I can't say I really noticed this with 5 month old - she wasn't weaned & was BF every 4 hours or so anyway so not much difference there. I did need support from others with DD, as I dealt with my own jetlag which is more of an issue.

I've always travelled with DD's carseat (as checked in luggage) and airlines will carry them for no extra charge. Great as you have your own seat at the other end.

Happy travels!

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